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Charger Electric Scooter (Video Intro)

Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by Pulse

These series of videos are a must-see for any owner of the Charger Electric Scooter. They will show you how to keep your scooter in tip-top shape, whether it involves replacing a wheel, adjusting the brake, or assembling the handlebar. The video walkthroughs are all professionally shot with clear, concise directions.

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Pulse Performance Products™ – Throttle Replacement (Charger Scooter)

A throttle replacements needs to be carefully performed, because there are many small steps. You will need a Phillips screwdriver and a 2.5 mm hex wrench to perform the full throttle replacement.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Changing the Batteries

Changing the batteries is a simple procedure that involves using the power adapter to charge the batteries of the Charger Scooter. You must make sure to always fully charge the batteries before riding the scooter again.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Adjusting the Brake

Turn the brake cable adjuster barrel counter clockwise to tighten or clockwise to loosen the brake. If the brake still needs more adjusting you will need a 10 mm open end wrench to loosen the brake cable pinch bolt.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Replacing the Front Wheel

Replacing the front wheel is a simple procedure that involves utilizing two 5 mm hex wrenches. You will remove the old wheel by unscrewing the hardware and then screw in the replacement wheel.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Stem Tube Assembly

Stem tube assembly is extremely simple. First you install the stem tube until it pops into place, and then you tighten the hardware with a 5 mm hex wrench and a 10 mm open end wrench.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Handlebar Assembly

To perform a handlebar assembly you will be clamping the handlebar into place and then screwing in the hardware. You will need a 5 mm hex wrench and a 10 mm open end wrench.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Replacing the Rear Wheel

You will need a 4 mm hex wrench to remove the side covers to disassemble the old wheel. This is a more involved procedure that utilizes multiple wrenches, and involves removing the old wheel so that it can be replaced with a new wheel.

Pulse Performance Products™ – Replacing The Battery

To replace the battery you will need to unscrew the deck with a Phillips screwdriver. And then you will remove the old batteries so that the new ones can be installed, before screwing the deck back into place.

photo credit: LHOON via photopin cc

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