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Back To School Exercise Tips For Your Kid

Posted on: September 21st, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Kids Exercise TipsWhen it’s time for kids to go back to school in the fall, it’s a period of trepidation and excitement for parents. They feel excitement, because they’re looking forward to seeing the personal and educational growth of their beloved child.

But they’re also nervous, because they want their child to have the best experience possible, and adjust well to their new set of classes. Kids who exercise on a regular basis, have been proven to get better grades and be more likely to be socially well-adjusted. Physical fitness is directly tied to self-image and confidence, and kids in particular are at a crucial step in their personal development.

Organized Sports

Not every kid is an athlete, but for the ones who aspire to sports greatness, enrolling them in an organized sport can be a great way to get them active. If a kid is naturally competitive he can find an outlet for his energy, and learn about teamwork and how to get a long with others.

These are all things playing an organized sport can teach a kid, while also making a new groups of friends. This can also prepare him to play sports later on in his life, if that’s what’s he’s interested in.

Impromptu Stretches And Jumping Jacks

Doing impromptu exercises can be surprisingly fun for a kid, if given the proper motivation by a parent. Running through a silly set of exercises with a kid can get them active and have a good laugh at the same time. Doing a quick set of jumping jacks is another fun way to keep the kid active and alert.

Bike Riding

Family bike rides are cherished memories for many people when they think back on their childhood. Heading out with the family on a bike ride can bond a family while engaging in an activity together. Local bike paths can be researched to see what’s available, and beautiful scenery can be taken in while biking.

Riding A Scooter

While maybe not as well-known of an activity as bike riding, riding a scooter is also an awesome activity for a kid to do. They can ride safely with a helmet, elbow and knee pads and get their first taste of youthful freedom riding a scooter. In particular this is an activity that kids will have fun doing that’s different than riding a bike or rollerblading.

Family Walks

On slower days, sometimes the best thing to do is just to take a walk with your kid. Such a simple activity can reap surprisingly great rewards. The walk will allow the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kid, while being outside and getting exercise. If there’s a family dog, the pet can be included on the walk also.

By getting your kid active, you are getting him prepared to have a productive and happy return to school. Physical activity promotes mental health, combats obesity, and sets healthy habits early. Kids who engage in physical activity are also more likely to have high grades and be able to pay attention better in class.

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