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App Developed To Help With Scooter Trick ‘How-Tos’

Posted on: April 25th, 2014 by Pulse


In the past few years, freestyle scootering has become one of the most popular sports among athletes of all ages and skill levels. Like any sport, learning how to master scootering requires plenty of hard work and an insistence on continuing to practice even when you fall or a trick takes longer to learn than you may have expected.

When learning any sport, it is always highly valuable and worthwhile to have a coach or teacher there to guide you through any mistakes or challenges that you may face. It may not be realistic to have someone there to guide you through every step of learning to master the art of freestyle scootering, but a new app is making possible to have a handy guide with you whenever and wherever you choose to work out a new trick or continue to master an older one.

Riders App For All Kinds of Riders

The app that has recently been developed to help riders learn and master tricks is, appropriately, called Riders. It is available for both iPhones and iPads. In addition to containing a wealth of tips when it comes to scooter riding, it also offers resources for riders who are interested in a number of other sports including BMX biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, and mountain biking.

Many athletes have found that there are a number of similarities between these sports, as they all use skills like balance, dexterity, and speed control in order for riders to complete tricks. All of these sports also share the common trait that practice and dedication are indispensable factors in achieving success and reaching new heights. This is why an app like Riders can make a big difference in helping a new rider improve.

App Has Many Features

Riders is a popular app for many scooter enthusiasts because in addition to offering a variety of tips on how to master a number of tricks, it allows users to track their progress with tricks. It also features a social networking aspect that allows for documentation of tricks in the form of photos and videos that can be shared, commented on, and reshared by friends and other riders in a user’s network.

This allows for inspiration when it comes to coming up with new tricks or finding a unique spin on an old one. The tracking feature is highly beneficial not only for getting a good grasp on one’s progress but also for helping to encourage riders to remain diligent about riding on a daily basis and sticking with a trick until they see progress.

Technology Changing to Meet the Demand of an Ever Evolving Sport

Freestyle scootering is perhaps the newest freestyle or extreme sport to receive wild popularity. The latest X-Games has featured demos from freestyle scooter riders and popular conventions like SD1 in San Diego or Scootfest in the United Kingdom have shown that there is indeed a huge group of people who are passionate not only about scooter riding but about connecting with other scooter enthusiasts.

Apps like Riders are a perfect way for the scooter riding community to connect with one another and to share thoughts, ideas, and enthusiasm for the sport they care so deeply for. As is the case with so many extreme and freestyle sports, much knowledge and progress related to scootering has been spread by way of viral videos. Most of scooter riding’s biggest stars have made a name for themselves with youtube videos that allow them to showcase their best tricks to their followers and other riders who are in their follower’s social and digital networks.

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