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7 Tips To Keep Your Kids Riding Safely

Posted on: January 21st, 2014 by Pulse


Riding scooters and bicycles is a wonderfully productive activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Scooters provide a healthy dose of physical activity and also encourage kids to be independent and make good decisions for themselves as they learn to ride by themselves.

Many parents of children who ride scooters may be happy to see their child engaging in physical activity but want to make sure that they are as safe as possible while riding. Here are seven important safety tips to make sure your child knows about before they ride.

1. Helmets Must Be Worn At All Times

Many states have laws requiring riders of bikes and scooters who underage to wear helmets. This is more than a mere precaution. Wearing a helmet drastically reduces the chances of serious incidents and can be the difference between a lifelong injury and a minor scuffle. Impress upon your child that every time they ride, they must wear a scooter.

2. Heed All Traffic Lights

A big part of riding safety is making sure to stay safe in an environment where cars may be present. Make sure your child understands that under no circumstance should they ride their bike or scooter in traffic and that they must stop at intersections where their light is red.

3. Avoid Talking to Strangers

Riding scooters or bikes with friends can often mean exploring areas in the neighborhood, which can be a lot of fun for young kid. This may mean that they encounter strangers from time to time, however, and kids should be well aware that talking to strangers is a safety risk whether they are riding or on foot.

4. Be Aware of Weather Conditions That May Cause Slick Roads

After the rain, asphalt may become quite slick, as the oils from it are released by water. This can create a situation where in accidents become more likely, especially for younger, more inexperienced riders. Knowing the safety risks that certain types of weather pose can help your child make wise decisions when it comes to knowing when and where to ride.

5. Avoid Steep Hills

It may be tempting for many children to experiment with riding fast down steep hills or to ride on muddy areas that are not intended for riding. This can pose quite a threat to their safety, as areas not intended for riding may pose a greater risk for falling or being involved in a collision. Encourage your child to ride on designated riding areas only.

6. Travel In Numbers

Riding with friends is much more fun. It gives children a great chance to socialize with one another as they engage in play and explore the areas in their neighborhood. Riding with friends can also be an important means of ensuring safety. When riding in groups, kids have a safety net – someone who can get help if they become injured or speak up if a situation seems unsafe.

7. Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

Young riders should never assume that auto drivers see them or that simply because they have a green light, they should cross the street without looking where they’re going. Remaining aware of traffic means always knowing whether a car is coming and assuming that said car does in fact not see them. Exercising extreme caution when it comes to auto traffic can help keep kids safe and free from dangerous accidents.

Whether your young rider is new to riding or a seasoned pro, talk to them and make sure they understand the importance of safety and the ways in which it can and must be achieved.

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