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7 Best Big City Skateparks

Posted on: September 15th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Big City Skateparks

Skaters who want to develop their skills are always on the lookout for great parks to hone their tricks. Skateparks are a gathering place for new and experienced skaters alike to meet and practice. Fortunately, there are notable skate parks in many big cities. The seven best skate parks are listed below, in no particular order.

One: Vans Skatepark – Orange, California

Vans Skatepark is very popular, and has everything a skater could want. There are multiple courses for every skill level and many times spectators come to watch and appreciate the skaters performing. Built in 1999 by the established Vans apparel company, it’s a challenging and enjoyable park that even has a street course.

Two: Los Altos Skatepark – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Los Altos is the largest skatepark in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It features a concrete course, a street course, and five stair structures. New Mexico is known as a great state for skaters and Los Altos is a popular gathering ground.

Three: Wilson Skatepark – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is another great city for skaters, so not surprisingly it’s also home to Wilson Skatepark. Wilson Skatepark has real roots – back in the day skaters had to fight for this park to be built, so they would have a place to practice. Now they have a park where kids gather to hone their tricks, engaging in positive activity that keeps them off the streets and exercising.

Four: FDR Skatepark – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On the east coast, FDR Skatepark is the place that has been popular with many notable skaters over the years. Well-known skaters such as Willy Akers and Chuck Treece have been regular visitors to FDR. Described as a skatepark built by skaters, FDR Skatepark is held in high regard by the skateboard community. It was even featured in Tony Hawk’s Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, and has also been included in many other video games.

Five: Skatepark of Tampa –Tampa, Florida

Skatepark of Tampa is considered one of the top skate parks in the United States. Located in Tampa, Florida, it’s often referred to as the SPoT and first officially opened in 1993. It’s also home to the yearly Tampa Pro and Tampa Am competitions. A highly popular location, it also doubles as a musical venue.

Six: Lincoln City Skatepark – Lincoln City, Oregon

Oregon is considered another great state for skaters. Lincoln City Skatepark was built in stages and is like six skateparks located in one. There is so much going on in the skatepark, that it’s actually recommended that visitors stay a couple days to enjoy the full terrain of the 25,000 square feet.

Seven: Louisville Extreme Park – Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky is generally not thought of as a great place for skaters, but it’s home to Louisville Extreme Park. Open twenty-four hours a day, skaters can brush up on their skills any time of day. Great for all skill-levels, it’s 40,000 square feet of fun, ranging from ramps to curved bowls.

The diversity and size of these skateparks shows that skateboarding is alive and well. Skaters now have parks specifically built for them in most major cities.


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