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5 Tricks You Don’t Know The Name Of

Posted on: June 19th, 2014 by Pulse

Tricks You Don't Know photo credit: gtphotographic via photopin cc

One of the most fun part of riding a scooter is learning some of the many tricks that can be accomplished while riding. Many riders learn tricks from friends or by watching other riders at the skatepark or in videos. While most people know names for tricks like ollies or 180’s, there are actually many different types of tricks that can be done on a scooter. Many people may have seen these tricks, but be unsure as to what exactly they are called. Here is a guide to some of the coolest scooter tricks whose names you may not be familiar with.

1. CanCan This trick is called a CanCan because it involves bringing one foot up onto the handle bars for a second, a trick that resembles the kind of kicks done by CanCan dancers. This trick is done by starting at a moderate speed and making sure that you have a good sense of balance. Next, take the foot that is stronger and lift that leg up, continuing to use your bottom leg for momentum. Once the foot is lifted, lift the had closer to it so that it can slide under, then lift the next hand. Finally, return your foot to your deck.

2. Nollie A Nollie is a trick that takes a fair amount of practice and patience and, as is evidenced by its name, is a trick that is rooted in the traditional Ollie. To pull off a Nollie, start in the same way as you would an Ollie: by going at a moderate speed and then catching air while still keeping both feet on the deck. Once you have lifted off, lean down on just the handle bars so that you dip forward in the air, and the nose of your scooter is further down than the back of the deck. This is more challenging than an Ollie because it requires that you get a little more lift in order to have room to drop your nose down.

3. No Footer Chances are, you have seen plenty of riders pull this trick off, but weren’t sure what it was called. A No Footer describes a trick where you jump – usually off of a ramp or the lip of a pipe, and while in the air, lift both feet and bring them to the sides, bringing them back in by the time you land. This trick looks cool and can be practiced while on the ground or after taking even a very small jump.

4. Tail Whip This is a trick that requires a lot of practice, as it is not very easy to pull off, but many people enjoy doing this trick because it looks so impressive and is a lot of fun to do once you get the hang of it. A Tail Whip is in someways another variation on and Ollie, as it starts with a simple jump and them, while in the air, the deck is twisted all the way around once and then feet return to their usual position by the time the rider lands the jump.

5. Turnaround Pivots and sharp turns are what makes scooter riding so fun to watch, and a turnaround is a fairly popular and simple turn that can be used in park as well as flatland riding. In a turnaround, the brake is held down and then the front of the scooter is free to spin around completely and thus change direction. It is important to get used to the feeling of lifting the front wheel while turning to master this type of turn.

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