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5 Tips To Keep Your Scooter Rolling Right

Posted on: July 21st, 2014 by Pulse

Scooter Pair of Tire

Scooters do not require much maintenance. However, if you are using your scooter often, especially for freestyle scootering, then you will want to regularly maintain your scooter to keep it rolling right. By following these five tips, you can make sure that your scooter remains in great condition so that you can continue to do your tricks without hurting your scooter, or yourself.

Storing your Scooter

When you are not using your scooter, you want to make sure you store it in a clean, dry space. This will keep it dry, which will prevent any rusting or corrosion that weakens the scooter. You should also try to keep the scooter as clean as possible, especially if you take it off road. Any dirt or mud that remains on the scooter could weaken it, eventually causing damage. If you do get your scooter dirty, just hose it off or wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it before storing.

Check for Loose Parts

You should regularly check for loose parts on your scooter, especially in the areas that connect, including the handlebars, deck, and wheels. If you have any loose nuts, bolts, screws, wheels, or any other parts, it affects the ability of your scooter. If you notice anything loose, typically you just tighten it up and the scooter will continue to work well. If you notice a part regularly comes loose, then you should look into replacing that part.

Replace the Brakes Regularly

If your scooter has handlebar brakes, you should regularly check for wear and tear, especially in the break pads. The connection between the handlebars and brakes is also at risk of wearing down and malfunctioning. You do not want to encounter a problem due to your brakes failing. The more you use your scooter, the more often you should check for problems. If you notice that your scooter is not breaking as well as it usually does, then that is a sign that the break pads have worn down, or there might be a problem with the wiring.

Keep the Wheels in Shape

If your wheels are not kept in good shape, then you will not be able to ride your scooter well. You should make sure the wheels are tightly connected to the deck. The wheels should also remain in correct alignment for the best ride. If you have inflatable wheels on your scooter, you will want to make sure they remain inflated and do not have any holes or leaks. For other types of wheels, you should regularly check them to make sure they do not have any significant signs of damage that would require replacement.

Replace any Broken or Worn Parts

You should take the time to look over your scooter regularly to check for any broken or worn out parts. This could include small parts, like the bolts and wheels. However, even the deck and handlebars are at risk of wearing out. If you notice you have significant wear and tear in an area of your scooter, you should replace it to make your scooter like new. For some of the larger parts, such as the handlebars or deck, you will have to judge whether it is worth replacing the parts or just buying a new scooter.

By regularly examining your scooter, you can find the areas of the scooter that might be wearing down and in need of replacement. Keeping your scooter well maintained and storing it in a cool, dry area will help it to last longer, and keep it rolling correctly. You will be able to enjoy scootering around town and performing your freestyle tricks without worrying about your scooter failing.

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