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5 Street Obstacles That Can be Tricked On

Posted on: August 28th, 2014 by Pulse

Freestyle scootering on the street can be a simple and fun way to work on tricks, and learn some new ones. A typical street provides numerous obstacles on which to perform tricks. One nice thing about street scootering is that you can do it anywhere, as long as there are no laws against it. For people who do not live near a half-pipe or skate park, the street offers the best place to practice tricks. However, scooter riders need to take care not to do tricks when there is traffic around, as well as take other safety precautions.

Parking Blocks and Curbs

Parking blocks & curbs

Parking blocks and curbs provide some of the most basic obstacles skateboarders, scooter freestylers and other extreme sport athletes use for tricks on the streets. They provide the perfect base on which to perform slides and grinds. In fact, any obstacle on the street that has any type of ledge offers a great opportunity to grind or slide. You can also jump over or off of a curb, or use it as a base on which to perform jumping tricks.

Stairs and Railings

Stairs and railing also are classic areas on which to practice many different tricks. You can grind or slide, or you can perform jumps and flips. The best type of staircases to use has limited pedestrian traffic and multiple levels with breaks in between. Stairs with may different levels provide more options on which to try tricks. You can jump and do tricks on the stairs themselves, or concentrate your tricks on the railings, or perform tricks that combines the two obstacles.

Planter Boxes

Many cities landscape their sidewalks and streets to provide a beautiful atmosphere. For scooter athletes, these become obstacles for performing freestyle tricks. Some planter boxes are higher up, offering a ledge for grinding or sliding. Other boxes or planting areas are ground level or slightly higher, providing an object over which to jump. If a street has several planter boxes, you can set up an obstacle course and practice doing more than one trick in a row.

Drainage Ditches

Drainage ditches provide excellent places to take the scooter and perform tricks. Many ditches offer a place similar to a pool, ramp or half-pipe. Some places may have laws in place for using drainage ditches, so it is important to look into the laws before going to perform the tricks. In some cities, a drainage ditch might provide one of the best places to take a scooter and perform tricks, and almost seem like a half-pipe built just for scootering.

Benches, Street Lights and Traffic Barriers

Some of the most unique obstacles on which to perform tricks are benches and other street furniture. This might be streetlights, taxi stands, trashcans, or even memorials and public sculptures. Many of these offer odd shapes on which to perform tricks, or they might be obstacles over which to jump. Traffic barriers also offer a great place for tricks, but care needs to be kept to ensure that the area being blocked off is safe for scootering and doing tricks.

It can be easy to find obstacles on which to perform tricks when you take your scooter to the streets. Whether you stick with the classics of the stairs, rails, curbs and parking blocks or find more unique obstacles, you can have fun trying all different kinds of tricks. It is important to keep your safety in mind, in addition to any particular local laws regarding using these areas for tricks. You can also bring your own obstacles with you, such as chairs and boxes, to practice jumping over items.

photo credit: Steven Vance via photopin cc

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