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5 Safety Tips For Scooter Riders

Posted on: May 25th, 2014 by Pulse


Scooter riding can be a fun and exciting form of physical activity that has many benefits. Riding scooters is  a great way to explore the outdoors and is a wonderful way to make physical activity fun. It is also an activity that can be enjoyed by riders of all ages. It is important, however, that all scooter riders consider safety first at all times. Here are five important tips for scooter safety.

  1. Always Wear A Helmet and Other Safety Gear Helmets are an indispensable component of good scooter safety. Wearing a helmet puts riders at a much lower risk for head injuries, which can be quite severe and may lead to permanent or long term damage. It is also a good idea for children and adults with vulnerable joints to wear protective gear on their wrists, elbows, and knees. This helps greatly reduce the instance of injuries. There are a number of helmets that are even designed to be attractive and interesting for young children and teens alike.
  2. Be Aware of Traffic and Traffic Laws Scooter riding, like riding a bicycle, means being aware of riding laws that dictate where and when scooters can be ridden. Young riders should not ride in areas where there is automobile traffic, unless they are being supervised by an adult who feels comfortable keeping an eye on them and making sure that they are out of the way of automobiles the whole time. Riders of all ages should make a habit of staying fully aware of their surroundings: frequently checking both sides of them and behind them. In areas where scooters share a sidewalk with pedestrians, care should be given to make sure that riders slow down when they are near individuals who are walking.
  3. Avoid Riding In Areas That Are Not Well Lit Riding at night or during hours of the day when auto drivers are subject to high levels of glare from the sun may be quite dangerous. Scooters should always be ridden during times of day when the rider and their scooter are highly dangerous. Even if it is light out, if it is close to sunset, drivers may be experiencing less visibility and may thus be more likely to not see a person riding a scooter. If children want to ride at night, they should always be accompanied by an adult, and both adults and children should have reflective gear on both their person and their scooter to make themselves more visible to drivers.
  4. Look For Paths That Are Designated For Bikes or Scooters Many cities and recreational areas have paths set aside that are specifically designed to be used by those who wish to ride scooters or bikes. These paths are ideal because they allow riders a place to ride freely without riding among pedestrians or cars. In many cases, these paths run along automotive roads, so it is still important to remain aware of auto traffic while in a riding lane.
  5. Avoid Steep Hills or Terrain That is Beyond Your Skill Level When riding, it is important that speeds never get so high that a rider cannot stop comfortably and easily. Riders should never attempt to ride down hills that are so steep that they are not in control of the scooter or their ability to stop it. It is best for beginning riders to slowly test their abilities on different terrains and to make sure that they can stop quickly if need be. Riders should also always bear in mind that they should step off their scooter if they feel that they can no longer control it.

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