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5 Great Ways To Get Around The City Without A Car

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

City Without A CarIt may seem like having a car is necessary for getting around if you live in a big city. But the truth is, oftentimes you can actually get around faster and experience the city in a better way by not driving a car.

With gas prices continuously on the rise, many city dwellers are opting for car alternatives. They’re finding that living in the city without a car is much easier than they expected. Here are a few transportation alternatives that may inspire you to make a change in your own commute.

1. Bicycles and Scooters.

Go totally fuel free by biking or scooting your way around the city. Finding and paying for parking in cities from New York to Los Angeles is a huge hassle day after day. You can save time and money by riding a bike or scooters for quick errands and shorter trips. You’ll never have to sit in traffic again either.

Those who choose a bike or performance scooter for their commute say they begin to experience their city or neighborhood in a completely different way. Bikes are becoming the transportation choice for many in major cities, from college students to office workers.

2. Public Transportation.

If you live in a major city, chances are there is a train, bus, taxi, or subway that can take you where you need to go. Larger, more spread out cities, such as Los Angeles, are actively working on making their public transportation more accessible by adding more subway and train lines to take passengers to the farther outreaches of the city.

In cities like New York and San Francisco, many use public transportation on a daily basis. By purchasing a monthly or annual pass, frequent passengers save on the cost of their daily commute. Riding public transportation frees you from the stress of traffic and finding parking, and also gives you some down time.

3. Carpool.

Get together with fellow students, coworkers, or friends who share the same commute and organize a carpool. Even if you don’t own a car, you can participate by offering to drive on occasion or paying for gas. Many college campuses and workplaces offer substantial discounts on parking and other perks for those who choose to carpool.

You can skip over traffic on the highway by using the carpool lane. Overall, it saves money and stress for carpoolers and helps the environment too. Look around you the next time you’re stuck in traffic on the freeway – the majority of passengers around you will be solo drivers. If more of these people got together and carpooled, we could reduce carbon emissions and traffic too.

4. Walk.

Of course this only goes for short distance trips and errands, but walking is highly underrated, especially in cities like Los Angeles and in the suburbs. You won’t believe how many people choose to drive to locations that are a mile or less from their home, simply because they don’t think of it.

Walking around your neighborhood to go shopping or run errands is a great way to experience all it has to offer. You’ll be getting fresh air, exercise, and meeting neighbors that you’d never encounter by riding in a car. A daily walk can reduce stress and help you lose weight too. Next time you need an item from the market or a book at the library, resist the urge to get in the car and try a leisurely walk instead.

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