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5 Family Habits to Increase Health

Posted on: May 27th, 2014 by Pulse


Getting healthy may be the best thing that a person can do for themselves, but it is also much easier and more likely to happen when done in the context of a support system such as a family.  Families who practice good health together are much more likely to achieve fitness success and children who come from families who place an emphasis on good health have a higher chance of remaining health conscious well into adulthood. Here are five habits that you can become accustomed to that will keep your family fit and healthy.

  1. Cook Meals Together  Preparing meals is  wonderful chance for parents to help instill in their children and in themselves a connection between their food and the ingredients that go into it. Cooking meals also helps lower the amount of processed food that your family consumes and gets your whole family used to planning meals and being mindful of what they are eating. Is it also a wonderful way for the whole family to catch up with each other and to discuss one another’s weeks.
  2. Practice Electronics Free Days  It may not be realistic to expect your teens or yourself to go without their beloved phone all the time, but choosing one day a week or even on afternoon a week when the whole family agrees not to use the phone, computer, or television is a great way to encourage conversation as well as physical activities. No electronics days can be a wonderful chance to take a walk or a bike or scooter ride as a family or to head outside and use the basketball hoop for a game of HORSE.
  3. Walk or Ride Instead of Driving Some errands certainly require a car; it’s difficult enough to shop for an entire week of groceries, much less carry them home. There may be plenty of activities, however, that you and your family can run on foot or on a bike or scooter. Going to a friend’s birthday or getting dropped off at school can be a great way to get in some fun, recreation, and exercise while completing tasks that may otherwise be routine or mundane. Riding or walking to errands is a wonderful way to instill the habit of making regular exercise part of your day to day lives. It also helps kids get used to using alternative (more heart healthy) modes of transportation, and can be just as healthy on your wallet as it is on your body.
  4. Stay Hydrated Proper water intake is related to a number of health benefits. Water contains no calories, fat, or additives, making it the most naturally slimming beverage available. It also helps lower instances of headache and fatigue and may cut down on unnecessary snacking since the body may often mistake the signs of thirst with the signs of hunger. Drinking enough water also flushes toxins from the body and allows for optimal performance in physical activities.
  5. Turn Chores Into a Good Time the Whole Family Can Enjoy Sometimes getting enough physical activity can be as easy and simple as spending a day getting the house and yard into shape. Pulling weeds, pushing a lawn mower, and trimming hedges are all wonderful forms of exercise that can be great ways to encourage the whole family to contribute. Doing activities like washing the cars on a hot day is a great excuse to step into bathing suits and can get the whole family moving while saving cash by avoiding a professional car-wash. Even vacuuming and sweeping can easily become fun, heart friendly activities with the right attitude and music.

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

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