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3 Scooter Games For Kids

Posted on: May 15th, 2014 by Pulse


Scooter games are a fun and easy way to turn any backyard or physical activity classroom into a chance for kids to learn teamwork and interpersonal skills, while also learning to make good decisions and to think quickly on their feet.

Scooter games can be played by kids of a variety of ages and allow children to entertain themselves and enhance their skills, all while having fun and increasing their heart health. Here are three scooter games that are sure to keep kids having fun day in and day out.

Scooter Interstate

This is a game that has a variety of steps and can be set up in either a backyard or in a gymnasium. Create a boundary that is fairly large and spans most of the gym or yard. This can be done with cones or chalk, if the game is being played on concrete. If you are using chalk, draw an arrow to indicate which way traffic should flow. If you are playing in a gym, do this with a one way sign. Along the “interstate,” create “exits,” where different activities must be completed.

These activities can range from a wide variety of physical activities. If the game is being played in a gym, kids can hike up bleachers. They can also do push ups, sit ups, or jumping jacks or engage in activities that use additional equipment, such as hula hoop. When they have completed the activity, they get back on their scooters and continue on the interstate.

The student who completes all of their tasks correctly and gets to their final destination first wins the game.

Relay Races

Relay races are a wonderful basic activity that encourage speed, dexterity, and teamwork. Scooter relay races operate in much the same way that walking or running ones do. To set up, create borders on each side of the playing area. This can be done with lines of cones or by drawing a line or using existing lines in the space.

Players pair up in teams, which can range from three to any number of people, as long as teams are even. The first rider starts at one end of the field and rides his or her scooter as quickly as they can to the other boundary, where the next teammate gets on the scooter and rides back to another side of the field where yet another teammate is waiting. This continues until all teammates have ridden.

The team who gets through their entire line up first wins the game. Scooter relays can be modified in a number of ways, including using cones or flags to create areas along the course that must be maneuvered around.

Pick Up Sticks

This game combines the cardiovascular exercise of scooter riding with hand eye coordination. Players should be divided into teams, each of which should have a container that is designated for them. A wide variety of objects can then be scattered around the playing area. These objects should vary in shape and size and be placed far enough away from one another that two scooters will not collide when attempting to go for the same object.

Each player then scoots around the playing area and picks up one item a time while on their scooter. They must then ride the scooter to deposit the item in their team’s bin. The game ends when all items have been cleared from the playing area and the team who has the highest number of items in their bin at the end of the game wins. To make the game more difficult, it can also be timed.

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