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New Wave Of Athletes Embrace Extreme Scootering

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by Pulse

Young Atletes Embraces Extreme Scooteringphoto credit: TylerP

Athletes and fans of extreme sports have long loved to watch and participate in sports like BMX riding and skateboarding, which are often performed at events like the X Games as well as in smaller settings. Many of the rising stars of both of these sports have also made a name for themselves in the form of videos, which act as a means of exposing fans to their ability and showcasing new tricks. In recent years, it seems that yet another sport has risen in popularity in the world of extreme sports: extreme scooter riding. More and more athletes are embracing this sport and enjoying both watching others and riding themselves.

The Celebrities Of Extreme Scooter Riding

As with any other major sport, extreme scooter riding continues to get more popularity in part because of the large number of celebrities within the sport. Terry Price, for example, is an extreme rider who has risen to fame within the scooter riding community in part because of the large number of tricks he has perfected and even invented. Terry Price is generally known and recognized as the first rider to land a double flip in the sport, and he continues to wow crowds all over the world with his large repertoire of airborne tricks. Another huge celebrity in the sport and certainly one of the reasons it has grown so much in popularity is Ryan Williams, who travels with the highly successful Nitro Circus Tour. Williams has brought the sport to the Nitro Circus Tour and in so doing has introduced the large Nitro Circus Tour audience to the sport. Like many members of the Nitro Circus Tour, Williams performs stunts on his scooter that can only be described as jaw-dropping. The tour has been a huge commercial success over the past several years and has even been released in the form of a 3D movie.

Different Types of Scooter Riding

Extreme scootering has developed alongside BMX riding and skateboarding because it is a sport that is performed in many of the same environments. Like both skateboarding and BMX riding, scootering can be done in parks, and some of the most popular tricks are done in the form of jumps off of half or quarter pipes. Many scooter riders also use the structures in their cities to learn and try out new tricks. Stairs, railways, and other similar structures can make for an exciting playground on which extreme riders can try tricks and shoot videos to show their work.

Festivals and Events

As scooter riding continues to grow in popularity, athletes have more and more places they can go to enjoy the sport. The X Games, which is generally considered the largest and most prestigious event in the extreme sports world, has hosted demos of extreme scooter riders for the past several years, and many athletes believe that extreme scooter riding will be a main event at the X Games in the very near future. There are also a number of highly popular international events that are devoted entirely to the world of extreme scooter riding. Scoot Fest, in the United Kingdom, for example, draws thousands of people of all skill levels each summer  and has been a favorite of athletes since it started. Festivals like Scoot Fest have provided athletes with the chance to learn from those more experienced than them and to be an integral and important part of the extreme scootering community. Extreme scootering is a sport that will surely continue to grow as more and more people discover exciting ways to learn about both the sport and the athletes involved in it.

Reflecting On 20 Years Of The X-Games

Posted on: June 24th, 2014 by Pulse

X-Games Logo
photo credit: GGeronimo

It’s hard to believe that the X Games, the most prestigious and premiere event for extreme sports is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year. Each year, both the summer and winter games provide an environment where athletes and fans alike can come together to witness some of the most ground breaking moments in extreme sports from BMX biking to motor cross. Since its conception, the X Games has been home to some of the most jaw dropping and exciting moments in sports history.

A Place For Many Firsts

Because the X Games has long been recognized as the most prestigious extreme sports event, many athletes have attempted to break new ground in their various events at the games. The X Games has been the site of many a record breaking move. For example, in 2002, BMX rider Matt Hoffman stunned crowds when he pulled off the first known no-handed 900. In 1999, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk cemented his place in extreme sports history when he landed the very first 900 done on a skateboard. In 2002, FMX rider Mike Metzger made X Games history when he used his dirt bike to go airborne for a total back flip.

Legends of the Games

As the games continued to be an important part of extreme sports, it also became a place where extreme sports and the stars in various sports made a name for themselves and where many sports were introduced to a broader audience. A number of athletes began to stand out after performing well at the X Games, including very young athletes, like Ryan Sheckler, who won a gold in skateboarding in 2003 at the age of 13 or Shaun White, who officially won three separate snow boarding titles in 2012. (White is also a great example of an athlete who rose to fame at the X-Games and then went on to also achieve fame as an Olympic athlete.)

Sports Grow In Breadth At the Games

A number of the most popular sports at the X Games have evolved or broken off into different types of sports as the years have progressed. The X Games hosts both summer and winter events, and many of the sports at both games have a number of different events. Moto X, for example, now has within it 9 different events, which include things like traditional racing and competitions like “Best Whip.” In the winter games, sports like Snowboarding include events that range from Big Air to Snowboard X.

The Exciting Future of the X Games

As the X Games grows in popularity, many athletes and fans look forward to the inclusion of even more sports and more events within each sport. Currently, there are a number of sports that exhibit at the X Games. These sports include extreme scootering, a sport that many people believe will soon be included as a main event at the games, because of the fact that it is a sport that continues to boast a large number of stand out athletes and exciting innovations within the sport. Extreme sports in general are enjoying a wider audience, as more and more people are becoming exposed to them through videos that showcase the work of rising stars. The X Games themselves are also televised, which has proven to be a great way for fans to stay abreast of all of the exciting events if they are unable to travel to see the games in person. This years games in Austin are sure to bring more of the same excitement and innovation that has been so present at the last twenty years of games.

5 Tricks You Don’t Know The Name Of

Posted on: June 19th, 2014 by Pulse

Tricks You Don't Know photo credit: gtphotographic via photopin cc

One of the most fun part of riding a scooter is learning some of the many tricks that can be accomplished while riding. Many riders learn tricks from friends or by watching other riders at the skatepark or in videos. While most people know names for tricks like ollies or 180’s, there are actually many different types of tricks that can be done on a scooter. Many people may have seen these tricks, but be unsure as to what exactly they are called. Here is a guide to some of the coolest scooter tricks whose names you may not be familiar with.

1. CanCan This trick is called a CanCan because it involves bringing one foot up onto the handle bars for a second, a trick that resembles the kind of kicks done by CanCan dancers. This trick is done by starting at a moderate speed and making sure that you have a good sense of balance. Next, take the foot that is stronger and lift that leg up, continuing to use your bottom leg for momentum. Once the foot is lifted, lift the had closer to it so that it can slide under, then lift the next hand. Finally, return your foot to your deck.

2. Nollie A Nollie is a trick that takes a fair amount of practice and patience and, as is evidenced by its name, is a trick that is rooted in the traditional Ollie. To pull off a Nollie, start in the same way as you would an Ollie: by going at a moderate speed and then catching air while still keeping both feet on the deck. Once you have lifted off, lean down on just the handle bars so that you dip forward in the air, and the nose of your scooter is further down than the back of the deck. This is more challenging than an Ollie because it requires that you get a little more lift in order to have room to drop your nose down.

3. No Footer Chances are, you have seen plenty of riders pull this trick off, but weren’t sure what it was called. A No Footer describes a trick where you jump – usually off of a ramp or the lip of a pipe, and while in the air, lift both feet and bring them to the sides, bringing them back in by the time you land. This trick looks cool and can be practiced while on the ground or after taking even a very small jump.

4. Tail Whip This is a trick that requires a lot of practice, as it is not very easy to pull off, but many people enjoy doing this trick because it looks so impressive and is a lot of fun to do once you get the hang of it. A Tail Whip is in someways another variation on and Ollie, as it starts with a simple jump and them, while in the air, the deck is twisted all the way around once and then feet return to their usual position by the time the rider lands the jump.

5. Turnaround Pivots and sharp turns are what makes scooter riding so fun to watch, and a turnaround is a fairly popular and simple turn that can be used in park as well as flatland riding. In a turnaround, the brake is held down and then the front of the scooter is free to spin around completely and thus change direction. It is important to get used to the feeling of lifting the front wheel while turning to master this type of turn.

College Student Breaks World Record For Scooter Relay

Posted on: June 17th, 2014 by Pulse
Scooter Relay World Record Holder

photo credit: pennsylvaniamentor via photopin cc

A team of students at Messiah College in Pennsylvania are working on more than just acing their finals this year: the young students have set what looks to be the world record for Longest Scooter Relay. This feat, of course required the help of quite a large relay team, but students including Mitchell Kauffman, Brandon Straley, Jordon Schoenberger Forrest Evans, Kyle Tolbert, Alex Roth, Greg Talamo, Nolan Goss, Heremy White, Devin Esch, Shaun Egolf, Matthew Phillippy, Daniel Vivolo, and Jason Yoder have banded together to make their dream of being Guinness World Record holders a reality.

Relaying for a Cause

In addition to relaying for the thrill of beating the world record, the Messiah students used the relay as a chance to raise money and awareness for the Living Legacy Foundation, which is a Maryland-based organization devoted to helping connect those who are in critical need of an organ donor with organs from individuals who have designated themselves as organ donors. While setting the record, the students raised an impressive $8000 dollars for the organization through the site, which allows fundraisers to raise money in a situation where all of the funds donated go directly to the person or organization they are intended for. Though the team has already set the record, they are continuing to raise money for the cause as they continue to receive more and more attention around their record.

A True All-Nighter

The relay team took a full 24 hour period to beat the world record, in a ride that started at 10am on May 17th, 2014 and lasted until 10am on May 18th 2014. In total, this 24 hour period was enough time for the riders to log an impressive 344 miles at the Yellow Breaches Sports Center in New Cumberland, PA. This is a full 8 miles more than the previous record of 336 miles. The record was accomplished by the team over the course of many 100 meter sprints, which were switched off between the 25 riders.

A Grueling Physical Challenge

One of the event organizers, a Messiah student named Ben Baker, described the relay as “Probably the hardest thing that every single one of us has probably done, and a lot harder than we thought it would be. It was very physically grueling,”. Once team members set the goal of breaking the record, they all got scooters and rode them as often as they could around the streets of their college town. Most scooter riding enthusiasts report that the sport does in fact provide a healthy dose of cardio, and riding at that pace for that amount of time certainly would be universally recognized as a major feat. Baker also recalled his thoughts during the difficult process of completing the relay race, stating, “Once you got into it, you thought, ‘I’m not going to put myself in this kind of pain and not beat this record,”. Many of the team members’ class mates took interest in their bid to break the record, and by the end of the race there was a crowd of students watching as the team scootered their way to world record victory.

Waiting on Official Word From Guinness

Though the record has not been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, the record was certainly broken and the team is in the process of making sure that their work is properly noted. In the mean time, the Living Legacy Foundation is enjoying both the publicity and the donations that these dedicated athletes have worked so hard and so tirelessly to raise.

Top 5 Extreme Scooter Videos

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Pulse
1. Scooter Freestyle – World’s Best Freestyle Riders
This compilation video is a perfect example of the large number of tricks that street riders can do on a number of varying surfaces. The video features many of the biggest names in freestyle riding, including Dakota Schuetz, a rider who is sponsored by Lucky Pro Scooters. This video features plenty of “old classic” tricks, including an Oreo whip, which describes the trick that riders do when they jump switch on the edge of their deck.
2. Extreme Scootering “Skaterbarn”
This video is awesome because it is shows some of the ways in which extreme scootering and extreme scooter tricks can be done in half pipes and indoor facilities that may have originally been built for skateboarding. The sport of extreme scootering has long developed side by side with both skating and BMX biking, and in this video, there are some great examples of tricks that are borrowed from biking and skating, including a backflip tail whip.
3. Scooter Xtreme Tour 2012
No collection of scooter or skate videos is complete without one that features some impressive wipe outs. The Scooter Xtreme team certainly showcases plenty of well executed tricks here, which are landed beautifully, but it’s also fun to watch some of their less than perfect moments at the top of this video. This footage is well shot and features a good variety of different terrains a and different types of tricks.
4. Extreme Scooter Tricks
This video is a fun watch for anyone trying to expand their repertoire of tricks. The tricks are impressive and feature both flatland and park riding tricks. While this video is a fun watch in and of itself, and the riders are certainly skilled, many of the tricks performed could be learned by an amateur rider and this video can be great inspiration to those looking for a new trick to challenge themselves with.
5. Billy Watts Unused Scooter Footage
This heart racing video includes plenty of exciting airborne moments and jaw-dropping stunts from perennial favorite Billy Watts. The video is well edited and moves at almost as fast a pace as Watts himself. It is nice to see some lesser known footage from Watts, who continues to be one of the sport’s most interesting athletes to watch.

It seems clear that the sport of freestyle scootering will continue to grow and give way to more and more star athletes. Many of today’s rising stars are impressing fans at demos and conventions, and a number of skate parks are starting to be just as populated with scooter riders as they are with skateboarders. The culture of scooter riding is continuing to expand to include riders of all ages and backgrounds, and videos like these offer seasoned vets and new fans alike the chance to discover new athletes as well as new tricks that they aspire to learn how to do. More and more riders are innovating the sport and more camera people are excited about shooting them.

Chinese Farmer Converts Suitcases Into Scooters

Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by Pulse

Perhaps few fields are seeing more innovation and ingenuity than the field of transportation. Particularly as many urban areas become more heavily populated and gas prices continue to rise, many commuters are looking for ways to make their traveling needs as cost effective and environmentally friendly as possible. One man in China has shown that there is truly no end to the level of creativity that can go into finding modes of transportation. He has used a suitcase to construct a street ready scooter.


Building a Scooter Out Of a Suitcase

He Liang, the inventor of the motorized suitcase, is a farmer in China who hails from the Hunan region. He made a scooter out of one of his old suitcases, which means that in addition to being a means of getting from one destination to another, his unique vehicle serves as a way of storing important objects. This makes it extremely economical from a space saving perspective and also makes for a sleek and streamlined vehicle that ways in at just 16 pounds. Liang is reported to have spent an impressive ten years developing his suitcase scooter which features a navigation system. The scooter is powered by a small rotary switch on the vehicle’s handlebars, which are also quite small. The handle bars are also the location of a set of brakes.

The Suitcase Scooter as a Means of Transportation

Liang’s suitcase scooter may be as useful to him as it is eye-catching. He is able to take the suitcase for rides as fast as twenty miles per hour, which makes it an ideal vehicle for surface streets, even if the light weight contraption is not suitable for fast moving traffic. This is a wonderful invention for transportation in rural areas or even in heavily populated areas where drivers may simply never reach high speeds because of the amount of traffic on the roads. The suitcase can be used for many average weight adults, and may be able to carry even two less than average weight passengers.

An Idea That May Literally Take Off

If more people take note of the unusual scooter, Liang might have quite a successful business venture on his hands. He owns the patent to the design for the unique scooters and could soon find himself making custom scooters that may seem like they belong on a baggage carousel but which actually are perfectly suited for roads.

The Benefits of Scooter Riding In Today’s World

While many people may not have found quite as creative a way of getting from place to place, the use of scooters for commuting has certainly been on the rise for the past several years. Many people enjoy riding scooters because it provides them an opportunity to take part in an exhilarating recreational activity that allows them to fully take in their surroundings while on the way to work or school. People with demanding jobs may find that their schedules do not allow them as much free time to engage in recreational activities as they would like, and using a scooter to commute gives them the chance to multi-task by having fun while getting where they need to go. Many scooter riders also enjoy scooter commuting because of the immense savings they enjoy on fuel costs. Scooters require much less fuel than cars, and in an age where gas prices seem to be constantly on the rise, the use of a scooter even a couple of days a week can mean tremendous savings on the price of gas. Using less gas of course also means helping the environment.

5 Celebrities Who Love Extreme Sports

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 by Pulse

Extreme Sport


Being a celebrity can be hard work. Between press junkets, time on the red carpet, and hours spent on set, some of the entertainment industry’s most successful stars have to find a way to burn off some steam. Many of these stars choose to unwind by indulging in their adrenaline junkie side. Here are five celebrities who love extreme sports.

1. Kate Hudson

The lovely daughter of stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and romantic comedy queen in her own right is more than just a leading lady. She is also a force to behold when it comes to hitting the slopes. The self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie loves to ski and has enjoyed taking on courses with jumps or steep slopes since she was seventeen years old. She has also dabbled in a number of other extreme sports, including shark diving and bungee jumping, but nothing compares to the passion she has for skiing.

2. Jack Osborne

The musician and son of famed Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osborne may have struggled with being physically inactive in the past, but he is now constantly on the go and hungry to find new types of adventure. The young star is a licensed skydiver and also frequently bungee jumps as well as climbs mountains both in a climbing gym and outdoors. He loves any activity that allows him to go fast and get his heart racing. His quest for adventure has brought him all around the world, and he has run with the bulls in Spain, white water rafted in Africa, and run a 150 mile super marathon through the Sahara jungle – just to name a few of his impressive and exciting treks.

3. Richard Branson

The business mogul and owner of Virgin records and airlines has found many exhilarating ways to spend his fortune. Branson, in addition to being known as one of the best party hosts of the rich and famous, Branson seems to feel most at home when he is as far into the atmosphere as possible. Branson regularly skydives and base jumps and is constantly raising the bar in terms of ways in which he can seek an airborne thrill. Branson spends so much time in the air, that passengers on his airline may not be surprised to see the mogul flying by the window on one of their flights.

4. Gordon Ramsey

When he’s not crafting delicious food, he’s finding new ways to burn the calories in it. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey knows his way around a race course almost as well as a kitchen. He is a distance runner and likes to run races with his wife. He has run in the London marathon a number of times and is constantly in a state of preparing to run an extreme distance. Ramsey enjoys the physical and mental elements of running, and echoes the view of many runners that distance running is an extreme sport that encourages one to constantly push themselves to the limit.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Critically acclaimed leading man Leonardo DiCaprio may be known for his excellent acting, but he is also a formidable force on the race track. The actor has a passion for racing cars and races in Los Angeles and at tracks all over the world. Though he is not as avid of a scuba diver, DiCaprio did test his threshold for fear by going shark diving once, an activity that became more adrenaline inducing than he’d planned when DiCaprio’s cage was attacked by a deadly Great White shark. It seems as though Leo will be sticking to the wheel of a car the next time he craves adventure.

Lakeside Skatepark Bans Wheelchairs

Posted on: June 3rd, 2014 by Pulse

Residents in the San Diego area have expressed shock and outrage over the fact that a popular skatepark in Lakeside has banned the use of performance wheelchairs. The skatepark in Lakeside has long been a hub of sporting activity, as residents of all ages, and especially younger kids, have used the park as a place to ride skateboards, scooters, and wheelchairs. Many feel that the new law banning the use of performance wheelchairs is unfair and discriminates against athletes who could not ride at all, if it were not for their customized chairs.


Wheelchair Riders Feel the Exclusion is Unfair

The policy of the Lakeside Park, which is indicated by a sign that reads “Park is for skateboarding only. Bicycles, rollerskates, scooters, motorized, vehicles, or other wheeled devices are not permitted in the skatepark,” is seen by many wheelchair riders as very exclusionary, considering the fact that those who ride wheelchairs for sport do not have the option of doing another kind of activity. As on wheelchair rider put it, “I no longer have the privilege to get on a skateboard or a bike or a scooter and say ‘Ok, I’m going to do this.,’” For many wheelchair riders, recreational riding has opened up a world of athleticism and fun that was not previously available to them, and the idea of parks forbidding them from an activity seems to be a way of shutting them out of the world of riding.

Some City Officials Working to Change the Rules

City employees like County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, have been vocal about their recognition that excluding wheel chair riders may in fact be unfair. Jacob has indicated that she does not think it is fair to exclude wheelchair riders and is working on ways in which the rule may be changed, but notes that the rule was originally put in place because some officials were concerned that allowing different types of riders in one space may present safety concerns.

Sense of Community in the Riding World

Many wheelchair riders are dismayed about being excluded from riding in the park because they feel a very strong sense of camaraderie with other riders. Many wheelchair riders identify as being very similar to a skateboard rider or cyclist and expect to ride in the same areas and in similar ways to those riders. Many skaters, scooter riders, and cyclists have echoed this sentiment, agreeing that riding is about the community and that they believe their fellow riders should be able to ride in the same areas that they do.

Wheelchair Riders Come From a Wide Variety of Backgrounds

The sport of recreational wheelchair riding is an ever growing one that attracts people of many different backgrounds and ages. Many people who ride have been in wheelchairs their entire lives while others may be athletes who rode skateboards or scooters but suffered from injuries. The diverse nature of the wheelchair riding community has made it one that values inclusion. It can also be a great way for young people who are in wheelchairs to enjoy many of the same exciting outdoor sports as their peers. The sport has grown considerably over the past decade, as more companies have begun to manufacture wheelchairs that are specifically engineered for performance and feature things like strong shocks, which allow for jumps. These chairs are often also faster and can be maneuvered to do things like quick turns and jumps. In this way, wheelchairs certainly belong in the same types of areas as skateboards, because they are in effect used in many of the same exciting, exhilarating, and creative ways.