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Combine Your Commute And Your Exercise Routine

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by Pulse


Most people are familiar with the benefits of regular exercise: it has been proven to help increase feelings of happiness and balance and regular exercise can play a huge role in helping to prevent serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. While most people understand the benefits of exercise, it can also be difficult to find the time to work out, once a full week of work and time with the kids is factored in. For this reason, many busy working individuals and students are finding a way to combine exercise and commuting by riding a bike or scooter to work.

Making The Commute Fun

One benefit that many bicycle and scooter commuters report is that their commute is much more fun than it was in a car or on a train. Riding first thing in the morning has a wonderful way of invigorating a person by getting their heart rate up and can help a commuter gain a much better sense of their community than they had while driving in a car. Frequent bicycle and scooter commuters reported being in much better spirits while on the job and tended to experience less fatigue throughout the day.

Never Having to Plan for Exercise

One great benefit of building exercise into one’s commute is that it helps eliminate the possibility of missed work outs because of busy schedules or unexpected plans. Commuting in a way that requires cardiovascular activity helps to make sure that a regular fitness schedule is completed and can lead to a much higher quality of life as well as a better level of healthfulness.

Exercising While Commuting And General Health

Often individuals who begin to exercise while commuting experience weight loss, as regular activity twice a day, five times a week, is, in and of itself, a wonderful way to raise one’s heart rate on a regular basis and to burn calories. Many people who ride to work find that they can maintain an ideal weight without budgeting in much time outside of their normal commute to and from work.

Saving Money While Enjoying the Benefits of Exercise

Riding to work is more than just a great way to stay fit – it’s a wonderful means by which one can save money in a variety of ways. Regular rides to work can take the place of costly gym memberships or exercise classes, and much money can be saved by eliminating fuel costs and mileage from time spent driving to work. Many workplaces also offer parking reimbursement or other types of incentives to employees who use modes of arriving to work other than a car.

Riding to work can truly change the way one’s entire work week goes, by helping boost energy levels and increase focus. It is also a wonderful way to appreciate a neighborhood that may otherwise have been taken for granted. No wonder more and more people are making the choice to change their lives and their experience in the workplace by riding to work.

How To FInd Scooter Friendly Parks

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by Pulse


For scooter enthusiasts, there are few things more enjoyable than finding the perfect park in which to spend a day riding and enjoying the sensation of being outdoors. Many cities are full of a number of different types of parks, from parks geared toward children to dog parks to skate parks, which often have ramps and other features that make them ideal for riding. Many of these types of parks allow scooter riding, but some do not. What, then, is the best way to find a park that is suitable for riding in?

Search Your City’s Skate Parks Online

Many skate parks allow for riders of all types to enjoy the ramps and other resources they provide. Begin with an online search for skate parks in your area. See if there is an overview written about the park that explains the park’s rules and whether any activities are prohibited. Also note whether there are any forums about the park, where users can comment about the park and see if any other scooter riders have commented about the park and whether they were able to ride there.

Visit a Park That Allows Cycling or Skateboarding

If you have been unable to find any information online about whether scooter riding is allowed at a certain site, seek out sites where cycling or skating is allowed. These parks will often have cement paths for riding on and may very well be ideal for scooter riding. Visit with your scooter and see if there are any other riders out on scooters. If you don’t see anyone, check and see if there is a park services employee working, who may be able to inform you as to whether scooter riding is allowed, and, if it is not, whether there are any parks nearby that are suitable for scooter riding.

Talk To Other Riders

The best resource available to you when it comes to gaining insight about the scooter riding community may very well be other scooter riders. If you notice other people in your town or neighborhood riding a scooter, stop them and ask where their favorite place to ride is. Even someone who is not on a scooter per se, such as a cyclist may be very familiar with local parks and roads and able to offer some tips on the best places to take your scooter for a spin.

Hit The Beach

If you’re looking to get out of town and want to find a scooter friendly destination, consider heading towards the ocean. Many beaches have pathways that are perfect for outdoor sports of all kinds, from bike riding to rollerblading to jogging. List a few beach towns you may have in mind and search online for information about whether other tourists have had a good experience riding there. You may also be able to get some great tips on where the best water adjacent paths are, and exactly what types of distances and trails you can look forward to covering on your scooter!