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Folsom ‘Cyclebration’ Celebrates Scooters, Bikes And More

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Folsom ‘Cyclebration’ Celebrates Scooters, Bikes And More

Folsom’s ‘Cyclebration’ has been called Northern California’s most family-friendly weekend of bicycle riding in northern California. Folsom is a city located in Sacramento, California that is known for having a very low crime rate and family friendly events such as the ‘Cyclebration.’ The crime rate of Folsom is touted as one of the lowest in the state of California.The event encourages families to get everyone together and enjoy riding scooters, bikes, and other activities like treasure hunts. ‘Cyclebration’ takes place in September and even offers free bicycle parking for attendees.

A Variety Of Sponsors Offer Support
This annual event has attracted big name sponsors like Whole Foods, and has a variety of other sponsors like Capitol Adventure, Kinetic Cycles, and Bicycle Planet. With the emphasis on bikes and other alternative forms of transportation like scooters, sponsors are showing great support promoting a large-scale event based around physical fitness and going green.

Air Pollution Growing More Deadly And Dangerous
Folsom ‘Cyclebration’ is a particularly welcome event, because of the growing dangers air pollutants pose to a healthy environment. Reports show that high levels of air pollution damages the hearts and lungs of the people who breath in the air. This can contribute to diminished lung function and coughing and wheezing in otherwise normally healthy people. The negative effects also apply to nature and is detrimental to maintaining an earth that is hospitable to all living creatures, not just humans.

Promoting Alternative Forms Of Transportation
The city of Folsom shows an admirable commitment to physical health and being environmentally conscious. They combine that commitment with ensuring the younger generation is involved in the activities. ‘Cyclebration’ has even identified various ways people can get around without cars, such as the:

• Regional Transit
• Folsom Stage Line
• Sacramento Regional Transit
• Scenic Attractions
• Folsom Chamber

‘Cyclebration’ Offers Many Fun Events:
The variety and range of events makes it appealing to kids and adults. This is especially great for parents who are always looking for activities that will be enjoyable for both parties. An added bonus are the cash prizes and awards for people who participate in the events. ‘Cyclebration’ features events like:

The Fam Jam: An event where the participants will practice tricks and flips into an inflatable airbag that is safe for people of all ages to try. The airbag provides a soft landing that will provide a safe fall no matter how crazy the trick is that’s attempted.

Cyclocross Race: Participants will have to ride across an obstacle course that includes a fire road and sand barriers. This will be challenging and fun for someone wanting to test their fitness limits on a bike.

Kayaking: And for people who might need to take a break from all the biking, kayaking is also available for those who are interested. This is another great way for a family to enjoy an activity together, where everyone big and small can participate.

Scootering: Another form of viable green transportation is scootering. This activity can also by enjoyed by anyone who has a scooter. Riding a scooter is a fun way to get around that doesn’t involve gas and is environmentally friendly. And although many people might not realize it, a dazzling array of tricks can be performed on the scooter too, for any kid looking to push the limits of his talents.

Folsom’s ‘Cyclebration’ has proven to be a success, with the local community embracing the event and families coming out to enjoy the festivities together. Kids love to ride their bikes and participate in treasure hunts that are also held. There has been a lot of positive feedback from adults who have attended who have noted that they now love riding their bikes more than they ever have before.

Benefits Of A Battery Powered Scooter

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City Without A Car
Generally when people think of scooters, they think of the kind where they have to push off the ground with their foot to ride. But battery powered scooters are also an attractive form of transportation for anyone who’s interested in doing something different than the norm. Battery powered scooters are doubly appealing because they have a surprisingly long list of benefits that are convenient and environmentally friendly. We discuss some of the benefits below.

Fast And Convenient, Especially In Urban Areas
Riding a battery powered scooter is faster than walking or riding a regular scooter. They are very easy and convenient to ride, especially when someone is trying to cut down on the time they need to get somewhere. When someone lives in an urban area, driving everywhere is not an attractive option with the traffic and lack of parking, so scooters can make a great and fast alternative.

They Don’t Contribute To Noise Pollution
Due to the way battery powered scooters are built they won’t contribute to noise pollution. In the city there is almost never a quiet moment, with the blare of police sirens, fire trucks, and the constant noise of people everywhere. A battery powered scooter won’t add to the infinite amount of noise that permeates the city.

This is also very convenient if a person lives in a rural or suburban area where noise pollution can be even more of a touchy issue. Residents who live in these areas purposely want to live in quiet areas where there aren’t any disturbing noises. So a battery powered scooter is a great solution to someone who wants to get around faster, but doesn’t want to disturb his neighbors with the cacophony of noise that a motorcycle creates.

No Need For Gas
Another great and environmentally friendly benefit of a battery powered scooter is that they don’t need gas. All a person has to do is charge them and the scooter will be ready to go. This means that the owner of a battery powered scooter will have a long-running form of transportation that is easily recharged and used on a regular basis. And not only will the owner have a fun form of alternative transportation, he will also be saving a significant amount of money by not having to constantly buy gas. With gas prices rising and rising, people are always looking for ways to cut down on travel expenses. This has helped spark a generation of people looking to get away from driving pollutant emitting vehicles.

Decreased Carbon Footprint
In addition to saving significant amounts of money on gas, riding a battery powered scooter also cuts down on air pollution or as some call it your ‘carbon footprint’. Due to the scooter running on a battery and not on gas, it doesn’t emit the carbon monoxide pollution that many other forms of transportation do. It has been reported that road vehicles produce a third of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides that are contributing to a hazardous health environment. This is why it’s imperative that people start researching and implementing other forms of transportation that don’t pollute the air. A battery powered scooter is a great example of a way a person can get around on a daily basis without contributing to air pollution.

Light Weight
Battery powered scooters are also light in weight, which means moving and storing them is easy. No one wants to have a monstrous, bulky scooter that is hard to store or move, and battery powered scooters solve that problem. Particularly for people who live in urban areas in an apartment, they want a scooter that they can easily maneuver around and store without being too obtrusive.

5 Tricks To Get Your Kids To Enjoy The Outdoors

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5 Tricks To Get Your Kids To Enjoy The Outdoors
Kids are spending more time indoors than ever. Staying indoors combined with the growing number of obese kids, means it’s more essential than ever to get them outside and active. With the amount of technology now available to kids, including the distraction of television, internet, and video games, there’s little incentive to get them to enjoy the outdoors. But with the proper motivation kids can be coaxed and encouraged to learn how to enjoy the outdoors.

One: Get Them Involved In A Local Sports League
Studies have shown that physical activity greatly improves a kid’s self-esteem, particularly getting him involved in an organized sport. Most locations have a variety of organized sports a kid can choose to join. Depending on what sports the kids enjoy watching, they can be encouraged to practice the sport themselves, such as tennis or soccer. The physical activity, combined with learning how to work with others, will prove to be invaluable tools for kids as they grow older. Many people who are adults say that they wish they had been more involved in organized sports when they were younger. This can be a way to get a kid outside on a regular basis, while fighting obesity by getting physical activity at the same time.

Two: Plan Quick Outdoor Activities With Kids
Kids often long for their parent’s attention. Many times parents always seem busy, working and paying bills, so kids are thrilled when they can get their parents’ undivided attention. Parents can plan simple activities to do with their kids that will involve bonding with their child outside. This can include going on walks, playing catch, or throwing a Frisbee. These impromptu activities can encourage a kid to enjoy being outside and also set up quality time for the parent and the child to connect.

Three: Encourage Them To Ride Their Scooters
For the busy parent, another great trick to getting their child to enjoy the outdoors is to have them ride a scooter. A fun and unique activity, scooters give kids a sense of freedom and adventure that they usually don’t get to experience. Riding a scooter can be a great way to entice a kid to play outside on a sunny day or a cool breezy evening.

Four: Organize A Camping Trip
A rite of passage for most kids is to go on a camping trip with their family. Eating s’mores around bonfires, exploring nature, and spending time in the great outdoors will expose the child to how beautiful and fulfilling spending time in nature can be. It will allow time for the family to work together as a team and enjoy outdoor activities at the same time.

Five: Take Them To The Beach
If a family is lucky enough to live by the beach, it’s a great way to get the kids outside playing in the sand and swimming in the water. This is something that a kid can enjoy with either a sibling or with some friends. They can swim, build sandcastles and enjoy splashing in the water. And on a sunny summer day this is the perfect activity for the kid to enjoy outside without getting overheated.

Kids nowadays need to be coaxed to go outside more than they have in the past. With the array of distractions that they have to do indoors now, they have less incentive to go outside than they ever did before. But if parents put in a little time and effort into planning activities and encouraging their kid to ride a scooter, they should have no problem getting their kid outside. The long-term benefits of raising a healthy kid will far outweigh the little effort that is needed to motivate them.

Transportation Problems? Think Outside The Box

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Transportation Problems Think Outside The Box

Everyone is always trying to figure out the cheapest and greenest ways to get around. Using a car should realistically only be used when someone needs to travel many miles away. Even if someone owns a car, looking into carpool options is a creative way to find alternative forms of transportation.

The many reasons for driving less include decreasing the amount of pollution being emitted into the air, and motivating a sedentary society to get up and be active. Obesity has been called one of the biggest health problems facing society today, and just by finding alternative forms of transportation, this issue can be effectively combated.

Joining A Carpool
Carpools are growing in popularity and are encouraged in an effort to cut down on the horrendous traffic that occurs on congested freeways – there are even lanes reserved for carpools. Nowadays there are also websites where someone can sign up to join a local carpool. This can be particularly useful for someone who doesn’t own a car. By joining a carpool he can meet some new people, help the environment, and find transportation to get where he needs to be.

Riding A Scooter

Riding a scooter has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, in cities throughout the United States, kids can be seen everywhere riding their scooters. They are a cheap and fun way to get around quickly. Easy to use, they are also not only for kids. With adults looking to drive less and get around faster, scooters can often be seen being used by adults as an alternative form of transportation. Scooters are especially useful when someone just wants to travel a mile or two, and wants to find a quicker way to get around than just walking.

Around since the seventies, skateboarding has become a phenomenon in terms of urban sports. But what it also has done is introduce a new form of urban transportation to young kids. Kids on skateboards have become a ubiquitous part of the urban landscape. But, again, skateboarding isn’t just for kids. Even if it means thinking outside of the box a little bit, skateboarding can be a fun way to get around. Part of skateboarding is learning how to navigate urban landscapes, so they are a form of transportation custom-made for the city.

While rollerblading may not be as common as it once was, it’s still a very viable form of alternative transportation. Learning how to rollerblade is easy and is also another fun way to get exercise that’s different than the norm. There are usually bike paths a long many streets, and someone could easily choose to Rollerblade on the same path to travel to their next destination.

As simple as it may be, running or walking somewhere can be a great form of transportation. Studies have shown that people’s health can be drastically improved just by walking forty minutes a day. This walking can be used towards running errands or going to meet a friend. For people who feel up to the challenge, they can even start running as a form of free transportation,

And lastly, one of the most common forms of transportation is biking. Biking has become increasingly popular in urban settings, with people young and old taking seriously biking both as a form of transportation and as a long-distance sport. Biking has become so popular that cities now take into consideration bikers when laying out road plans. It has almost become as popular as driving as a regular form of transportation.

While all of these options might not be for some people, at least one should be viable as an alternative form of transportation. Once people realize how many other ways besides driving there are to get around they can take full advantage of their options.

3 Wheeled Scooters: An Easy Exercise Solution

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3 Wheeled Scooters An Easy Exercise SolutionWhen people think of scooters they usually think of the usual 2 wheeled versions. However, there is another version that is also an easy exercise solution for kids and the parents who want their kids to get off of the computer. The 3 wheeled scooter provides the same amount of fun and entertainment that a 2 wheeled scooter provides, but with added safety and stability because of the extra wheel.

Added Balance And Safety
The 3 wheeled scooter has two wheels in the front providing extra balance and stability for the user. This can be particularly valuable for a kid who is just riding a scooter for the very first time. Safety is always of the utmost concern to parents when figuring out ways their kids can get exercise. Riding a 3 wheeled scooter is an easy solution, because it provides the added stability of having three wheels. Some 3 wheeled scooter also have an anti-slip deck so that it will be easier for the kid to keep his feet in place.

Sometimes Kids Want Variety
Even as much as kids may love their 2 wheeled scooters, like most people they want variety in their lives. Over time, a kid may enjoy trying different types of scooters and want ones that provide a different experience. Since the parents already knows that their kid enjoys riding a scooter, investing in a 3 wheeled scooter is an easy and effective solution. A scooter with three wheels adds another fun alternative to the pastime of riding a scooter in an innovative and fun way for the kid. The scooter will be something the kid will want to show off to his friends and use on a regular basis.

Scooters Get The Kids Outside And Off The Computer
The amount of activities a kid can do in front of a computer keeps growing and growing, from checking and updating his Facebook status, to playing online games, kids can spend hours on their computers isolated from the world. Scooters are an easy solution to get the kid off of the computer, because the parent doesn’t have to plan some time-consuming activity or get a group of kids together to play a group sport. All the kid has to do is put on a helmet and some safety pads and hop on his scooter. And when he has a 3 wheeled scooter to add to the fun, it only adds more incentive to play outside, and not isolate himself from the outside world.

Scooters Make A Great Christmas Gift
Parents are always looking for that special gift that will really excite their kid. Kids may not know this about their parents, but seeing them happy is one of the great joys of a parent’s life. A 3 wheeled scooter is an exciting gift for any young kid. Better than getting a new t-shirt or other predictable holiday gifts, a scooter is an age-appropriate gift that anyone from age eight and up can enjoy safely. The 3 wheels offer an extra measure of safety and the parents can even try it out if they’re interested in seeing what their kids like to do.

For parents looking for an easy and effective exercise solution for their kid, 3 wheeled scooters are an excellent choice. The scooter is also exceedingly affordable and is something that a kid can use for years and years to come. Scooters are an easy and fun way to get kids off of their computers and go outside. Safe to use and exciting to ride, scooters add welcome variety to a kid who enjoys a new challenge. The main goal is to consistently encourage physical activity and an active lifestyle!