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Music Festival Encourages Combating Pollution And Waste Reduction

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Electric Forest Music Festival

Deep in the forests of Michigan, a music festival has been taking place, in the same vein as Coachella or Bonnaroo. The festival is called Electric Forest and takes place in the Sherwood Forest (yes, that really is the name of the forest) for four days. First launched in 2011, it’s located in Rothbury, Michigan, and has become a success.

It is also a multi-genre event, as opposed to being centered around one specific genre of music. With over one hundred artists performing at the event, it has an eclectic lineup of bluegrass, folk, and alternative bands. Attendees are encouraged to discover new music, eat delicious food, and rock out for four joyful days. The goal is to create a temporary utopian magical forest.

Commitment To Sustainability

But what sets this festival apart from the average music festival is its commitment to  sustainability, encouraging waste reduction and lowering pollution. Their commitment is impressive, and the festival also has a great many perks, including food catered by Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg and a jam-packed list of musical performers, some of whom have included Tiesto, Bass Nectar, Skrillex, and Santigold.

They also run a food drive at the festival, where attendees are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items, which will be donated to local food pantries. The festival is a cool combination of music, food, and sustainability, geared towards a young crowd. Attendees have also noted how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to meet new people, with such activities like yoga, meditation, and hacky sack to engage in between music acts.

Encourage Waste Reduction

Electric Forest has recently stepped up their bid to encourage waste reduction, by launching an initiative called Electrology. The Electrology program is a points system implemented to get people to recycle more, and use alternative forms of transportation such as electric scooters to combat air pollution.

These are all called green deeds and the more people accumulate Electrology points, the more then can redeem them for merchandise or other prizes at the Electrology store. Either way, whether there is an incentive program or not, being green should be a reward in itself. But attendees are encouraged to track their green deeds for chances to win signed merchandise and other prizes.

Some ways that the festival suggests people can be green is:

  • Bringing reusable plates, water bottles, and coffee mugs to the festival
  • Carpooling with friends to reduce gas emissions
  • Picking up any trash you see, even if it’s not yours
  • Using sustainable products

Valiant Effort

The lessons that Electric Forest so valiantly try to teach can be implemented in people’s everyday lives also. For example, finding an alternative form of transportation should be a great option for most everyone. Many alternatives to driving cars exist, from as simple as walking, to using bikes or street legal electric scooters. All of these modes of transportation can be used to lower the amount of time spent driving a car. The reward will be clean, fresh air that is healthy to breathe that isn’t filled with dangerous pollutants.

Additionally, sustainable products can be incorporated more in everyday life. There are tons of sustainable products out there, and with a little research they can be added to the household, such as biodegradable soaps. Don’t ever underestimate how doing small things can add up over time.

Success Since Inception

Electric Forest has been a great success since its inception in 2011, which shows how powerful and welcome their message has been. There have been thousands of people who have attended the festival in the forest, with over thirty thousand estimated during the 2013 event.  People from all over the country traveled to attend the event and the festival is expected to be held once again in 2014.

Will Scooters Ever Officially Be Included In The X Games?

Posted on: July 26th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

X Games ScootersThe exclusion of scooters in the X Games has been bemoaned by scooter enthusiasts everywhere. With every other urban sport under the sun having been included in the X Games, scooters have yet to be officially included. The X-Games is a sporting event that happens every year that has a winter and summer section, and is for extreme sports. It’s highly popular with a younger demographic and has launched the careers of many young athletes.

The X Games was founded in 1995, and since then has only grown in popularity and influence, giving urban athletes a goal to aspire to compete in the games and receive sponsorship support. The talk of scooters getting into X Games has actually been controversial for quite some time, with people arguing both sides of the story. By “scootering” being included in the X Games it would give the athletes an unprecedented amount of exposure and financial incentives to continue working in the sport that they love.

Scooter Buzz

In 2012 there was a lot of buzz that that scooters would be officially included in the X Games. Especially amongst scooterers, there was a lot of chatter on the social networks that it was in the works to be officially included. But, unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and there were many opinions given about why they haven’t. Some of the opinions included have been that said “scootering” as a sport is still too young to be established.

But others have argued that the tricks people do on performance scooters is equivalent to the skill-level and achievement done in any other sport in the X Games. Due to the skill-level of the participants, many people seem confident, however, that eventually scooters will be included, and it’s only a matter of time, due to the growing number of competitions based around scootering.

The Top Riders

However, to currently check out top riders the Xfest scooter competition is where the best and brightest currently show off their skills. Started in 2012, and sponsored by Scoot Magazine, scooters were a major draw when the scooterists competed. It was a major opportunity for both amateur and pro athletes to compete and hone their skills in front of an audience. They were even able to use a scooter park to perform their impressive array of tricks.

It’s pretty amazing what kids can do when combining their imagination and athleticism. There have also been some other events supporting scooter competitions. There was one in the 2007 Planet X Games in Melbourne, Australia. And there has even been a formation of the American Freestyle Scooter Association (AFSA), which is a strong step towards the sport demanding and receiving legitimacy. Scooterers, themselves, are starting to want more recognition for their sport.

A Very Talented Group

There are a very talented group of scooter freestylers active today and they would undoubtedly bring more excitement and athleticism to the X Games. The creativity of their moves is undeniable. Skilled athletes like these deserve to have a forum like the X Games to showcase their skills and abilities. The sport has been growing at a rapid pace, and the talented number of practitioners only continues to grow. Scootering has received a lot of positive buzz and only continues to gain more fans.

The current level of talent and innovation being shown off is at a really high-level and will only get better as more kids get a hold of scooters. Scooters are relatively easy and affordable to purchase. And like many urban sports, because of this accessibility kids from all walks of life can continue to improve their craft. It seems only inevitable that scooters will become an official part of the X Games.

The Advantages Of Owning An Electric Scooter

Posted on: July 24th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Advantages Of An Electric ScooterScooters are a unique form of transportation that are embraced by kids everywhere. It’s a fun way for the kid to have an outdoor activity to do other than riding a bike or rollerblading. There are also a multitude of reasons that owning a scooter has a lot of advantages.

Besides the obvious, which is an electric scooter is sure to elicit delight and joy from a kid, there are plenty of other reasons as well. An electric scooter takes the concept of customized personal transport into the future, and will be a long-lasting source of fun. However, there are also many practical reasons why owning an electric scooter makes a lot of sense.

Replaceable Parts

After the scooter has been used many times, it’s easy and affordable to purchase new parts.  Electric scooter parts, such as belts and batteries, can be easily replaced, so that the scooter can be used for many years to come. The scooter can even be passed down from generation to generation, with only the parts needing to be replaced, so that every younger generation can join in on the fun.

Built To Last

Even though replacing parts may be necessary at times, for the most part the scooters are very durable. They can be used constantly and will still work great. They can be taken over all sorts of terrain and still be ready to go the very next day.

Easy To Move

Lightweight and compact, electric scooters are king at being easy to transport. Unlike many bikes, an electric scooter should fit easily in a car trunk. It also should be easy to store the scooter in a closet or in another storage area where it takes up a minimal amount of space. This is especially useful if there is limited storage space to begin with. This makes the scooter a space-efficient solution for a kid to have a toy that he can still have a lot of fun with.

Built For Safety

Since electric scooters are designed specifically for usage by kids, the safety standards of the scooter are extremely high. Coupled with a helmet and other padding for knees and elbows, the kid should be ready to go on a safe mode of transportation. No other toy will allow the kid to have this much freedom and still be safe.

Teaching Your Kid To Be Green

There has been a relatively recent movement of green commuting, where people eschew cars for alternative forms of transportation, such as biking or rollerblading. Add electric scooters to this list. Besides having fun, the scooter is an immediate and easy way to teach a kid that there are other forms of transportation besides cars. Helping keep down pollution by finding other ways to get around besides cars is always a positive step into the future. Having a scooter at a young age, will teach a kid how awesome active modes of transportation are as compared to passive modes.

Little Upkeep

Other than part replacement and occasionally wiping the scooter down (or better yet, having the kid wipe the scooter down), the upkeep is minimal in owning an electric scooter. This is really a huge advantage, because then time can be spent using the scooter and not worrying about getting it fixed and having to pay for costly repairs.

Besides enriching the life of a kid, electric scooters make sense from a long-term point of view. Their durability, affordable replaceable parts, and environmental compatibility make electric scooters a win-win situation for both parent and child involved. The only problem for the parents should be jealousy, because they want to use the scooter too!

Living Car Free With Kids: How It Can Be Done

Posted on: July 22nd, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Car Free With KidsHow do people who are passionate about green transportation adapt to the challenge of transporting their kids? A group of parents in Philadelphia are addressing this issue by participating in what has actually become a widespread movement. Bicycles, scooters, bike trailers, and many other people-powered contraptions gathered at the Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition recently to raise awareness on the issue, bring parents together to exchange ideas and information, and increase awareness among the general public.

Family friendly bikes or scooters could be seen from many of the participating bicycle shops that were present. Their demos showed interested participants how safe, easy, and fun transporting a child could be. It’s affordable too. But most of all, it’s good for the environment and teaches a child early on how living sustainability is important.

The parents at the event are deeply committed to passing on the tradition to their kids and inspiring others to do the same. Hopefully the trend will continue to grow, perhaps until a  gas guzzling minivan or suv is no longer considered the norm for parents when it comes to family transportation.

Five Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have A Scooter

Posted on: July 20th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Five Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have  A ScooterAlmost every day, whether a person is living in the suburbs or the city, he will see a kid whizzing by on a scooter. He will take for granted the sight, until he has kids of his own, and witnesses the joy and freedom that kid scooters provides for his child. And then he will understand firsthand why every kid should have a scooter. To be even more specific, here are five reasons why having a scooter should be required for every kid. While scooters, of course, can and should be enjoyed by both boys and girls, in this list boys will be the focus.

One: Having a Scooter is Fun!

Young boys are notorious for always wanting to be active and stimulated. Whether they want to go exploring in a nearby forest or just go outside and somehow get dirty, they are always seeking an adventure. What better way to help him have some fun, then by giving him a scooter? Immediately, he will be transported into another world while fearlessly riding his new form of transportation! Every father wants his kid to have as much fun as possible, while growing up, and a scooter is the perfect answer. The kid will be having fun, while also engaging in a safe activity!

Two: Riding A Scooter Promotes Physical Activity

Young boys are notorious for loving video games and being on the internet. Unfortunately, in this sedentary society, any activity that promotes getting exercise and spending time outside is valuable. But a boy won’t be coerced away from the sofa playing his favorite video game, unless he has a better choice offered to him. This is where the scooter comes in. He can leave the quiet of the house and set off on a fun new adventure in the sun, and the scooter will be what got him outside!

Three: He’ll Be The Envy Of All His Friends

While parents might not like to admit it, most parents secretly want to be the “cool” parent. This is the parent that his kids’ friends wish were their parent – at least for a day. And a great way to get “cool” points is for a kid to have a scooter. Then the kid will have a magical and fun device that will be the envy of all his friends. He can ride his scooter in front of his friends, zooming past them while they slowly trudge down the street after him. He will be the coolest kid on the block.

Four: He Can Travel Faster

Anywhere the kid wants to go, whether it’s to a friend’s house, or down the street to pick up a loaf of bread, the scooter will make the trip faster. This might even benefit the parent eventually when he wants his kid to run some errands for him. So his son is not just having fun, but also being more useful in the process!

Five: The Girls Will Dig Him

Now depending on the boy’s age, he might not exactly be into girls yet. But even if he isn’t interested in dating, it never hurts to have girls digging his cool moves! Girls tend to like two types of guys: guys who are athletes and guys who are musicians. In this case, a boy can show off his awesome athleticism cruising on a scooter. To gain even more bonus points with the girls, he can even let them take a ride on the scooter once he’s done showing off!

All jokes aside, the bottom line is that kid scooters provide physical and mental  stimulation. Like playing basketball or going to summer camp, riding a scooter is a part of a fun and memorable childhood. It’s also safe and wholesome fun! To talk more scooters connect with Pulse Scooter on Google+.

New Apps Make Urban Cycling And Scooter Riding Better

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Loud Bicycle AppRiding a bike or scooter in the big city has its ups and downs. Every rider has stories to tell about that one close call, or that one amazing ride they’ll never forget. The biggest part of riding safely in the city streets is making sure you’re noticed by the vehicles and pedestrians that surround you. Now smartphone technology is attempting to tackle this issue.

One app called Loud Bicycle, creates a honk as loud as a car’s. The app can be used on a bicycle or scooter, and is a great way to warn other drivers. Other horn apps have a friendlier sound and flashing lights to ensure cyclists are seen, as well as heard, by drivers. Better lighting for bikes and scooters has always been a concern for riders as well.

One new app connects to handlebars to measure the distance to rear facing lights to give a bike or scooter brake lights. You can also add headlights and turn signals. Smartphone technology also allows riders to utilize GPS for navigation, as well as locating a bike or scooter if stolen. With features like these, riding in the city can be safer, more efficient, and funner than ever.

Los Angeles Event Encourages Residents To Enjoy The City Car-Free

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CiclaviaJune’s Ciclavia event in Los Angeles gave bike, scooter, and skateboard riders a chance to enjoy some of the most iconic sights of the city car-free. A normally traffic clogged six mile stretch of Wilshire Blvd was closed to automobile traffic to allow riders of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the scenery.

By escaping the “bubble” of being in a car, Ciclavia attendees were able to enjoy the architecture, atmosphere and people watching of the neighborhood in a whole different way.

This was the 6th annual Ciclavia, and it has proven to be a happening that is gaining in popularity. The event began in Columbia as a way to raise awareness of the pollution and congestion found in so many urban centers today. Using alternate modes of transportation, including public transportation, helps combat pollution and brings citizens together in a new way.

It also brings a different kind of appreciation for one’s own city. On Wilshire Blvd. participants were able to get up close and personal with some of the city’s most notable architecture. Encouraging pride and interest in the history of a city through events like these will hopefully make things better for future inhabitants.

Scooters Help Fight Childhood Obesity

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Scooters Fight ObesityA group of college students from Utah are attempting to raise awareness of the rising rate of childhood obesity by crossing the country together on self propelled scooters. They hope that by showing how a fun and simple activity like riding a kick scooter can be a great way to keep kids in shape. Riding the scooters provides a full body workout, but riders are usually hardly aware of how much they’re working their bodies because it’s so much fun.

Participating in physical activities that are enjoyable is one of the best ways to get kids to stay in shape. The group of scooter riders plans to cover 60 miles a day until they reach New York. All the money they raise will be donated to schools so that they can purchase scooters. It’s all part of an effort to show how important it is to keep kids healthy and that it’s not hard to do so. By showing their support with scooters, these students are delivering a message that’s hard to miss.