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Dakota Schuetz Teaches Fans in La Jolla

Posted on: June 29th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Dakota SchuetzDakota Schuetz is the world professional scooter champion and he recently visited the Scooter Garage in La Jolla where many of his young fans were able to meet him.  The kids who look up to him were able to learn a few of the tricks that the does like a double whip or a bride flip.

Dakota is sponsored by kick scooter companies and wins almost every scooter contest that he enters.  The kids who come into Scooter Garage were able to get autographs and watch demonstrations of tricks as he explained how they are done step by step to them.

It can be a great moment for young kids to meet the athlete that they look up to and idolize in their sport.  With Dakota Schuetz’s visit to La Jolla a group of kids were able to learn from him and get the encouragement they need to keep working on their sport.

Whenever a kid is learning to progress with their hobby they often use professional athletes as inspiration.  Knowing that their idol is down to earth and wants to meet with them can keep them motivated to learn more scooter tricks and continue doing what they are most interested in.

Teaching a Child to Ride a Scooter

Posted on: June 24th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Teaching A Child How To Ride A ScooterWhen young children are first starting to figure out how to ride a scooter it may take some time to get the basics down.  If they haven’t had much experience with balancing that can be a struggle as they take their first kick scooters out to ride on the sidewalk.  Make sure to give your child some direction so that they don’t get frustrated or get hurt.

Aside from learning the basic skills they also need to be safe especially in the first stages of learning.  The first thing to impart to your child is that they should always wear a helmet and possibly knees and elbow pads if it seems necessary.  Learning a new skill means they are likely to fall and without protective gear they can get seriously injured.

They should also start out with their freestyle scooter on flat and smooth pavement because bumps and cracks can cause them to fall.  A smoother ride will help them build confidence and stay safe until they become more experienced.

Once your child can balance on the scooter it is time for them to start pushing forward with one foot on the board and the other on the ground.  When they get the hang of pushing and moving on the scooter they can try balancing with both feet on the board.  Make sure that they go slowly at first because trying to start off too fast could mean that they have a bad fall and end up getting frustrated.

As they begin riding forward slowly on their scooter they can gain speed and momentum and start riding around the block.  Eventually when they have more experience you can take them to a skate park where they can start learning to do their first tricks on the scooter and be around more experienced riders. Connect on Facebook with Pulse Scooters.

Alternative Transportation for the Environment

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Alternative Forms Of TransportationMost of the time people drive to work or wherever they need to go because it seems more convenient.  However, there are plenty of alternatives that can be better for the environment and give you a chance to be more active and not worry about traffic like buses, scooters or bikes.  It can be a great choice for the planet to cut down on carbon emissions by driving less often and using forms of green transportation.  The easiest option for commuting that many people take advantage of is public transportation.  Taking the bus or metro can be inexpensive and helps you save money on gas.

You also will not have to worry about focusing on the road but can take time to read or just relax for a little while.  If you don’t want to wait for the bus and need something fast then you can try out electric scooters as an alternative.  These are eco-friendly vehicles that can get you where you want to go quickly and do not take too much energy to ride.  They are a great way to get to work or just ride for fun too.

Sometimes different kinds of transportation can benefit you and the environment.  Many people are now taking bicycles or kick scooters to work so that they can get more exercise, save money and cut down on emissions.  Biking can be an easy workout in the morning if you live within a close enough distance to your workplace.  Scooters that you push yourself are another good option.  They are not as fast as the electric versions but they can get you fit and are easy to take with you anywhere.  Whatever type of transportation you choose it will be helpful to the environment the less time you spend driving in your car. Keep up on Google+ with Pulse Scooters

Twelve Year Old Scooter Stunt Rider Goes Pro

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Dante HutchinsonDante Hutchinson will compete in European stunt riding championships after just signing a professional deal as a scooter stunt rider.  At just 12 years old he has impressed crowds and judges alike with his complex scooter tricks and skills beyond his age at extreme sports competitions.  Team Lucky noticed his ability and decided to sign him onto their professional team.  Hutchinson rides his kick scooter 12 hours a day training to become the best rider that he can be and his hard work has finally paid off.  The American Team Lucky offered him a full sponsorship and he is the first rider from the UK to represent them in the scooter championships.

It is always impressive for a young kid to take their hobby seriously enough to become a professional.   For someone that young it takes both a natural ability and a lot of hard work to be signed as a pro.  He focused on what mattered most to him and made it into a career at only twelve years old.  Most people would not think of scooters as anything more than a toy but for kids with natural talent and enough discipline it can become their road to success.

Employees Use Mini Scooters to Commute

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooters To CommuteThe staff members at Spark ecommerce Group are finding a new way to stay fit and speed up their commute to work with mini scooters.  They were provided with some kick scooters by a company that partners with their employer and were able to try out the scooters for the morning commute as well as throughout the day.

Some employees found it useful to take the scooters to work to save time instead of being stuck in traffic or walking.  They even use them during work hours to get from place to place and save some extra minutes to increase production.  Many of the staff members are satisfied with their new form of transportation and plan to keep using them regularly.

The benefits of using small scooters instead of driving or walking can be great for employees that need to save time and improve their health.  It is also great for the environment if more people use scooters or bikes to get to work instead of driving.  The freestyle scooters are more portable than a bicycle and can be used on site at work as well.  Getting employees more active is good for their health and the morale of the workplace.

Getting Good on Your Kick Scooter

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Kick Scooter TipsWhen you buy a new scooter, you’ll realize that it doesn’t take long to learn the basics and ride around the block.  Eventually you might want to take it further and start doing some tricks at a local skate park.  Plenty of skate parks allow kick scooters now that they are growing more popular and became a sport equal to that of skateboarding.  When you are ready to start learning the next level of scooter riding you should think about what kind of gear you have.  Do you have good quality scooter accessories like nice wheels that will hold up when you start doing tricks?  Buying better gear might make things easier in the long run as you make progress.

Look into some of the common beginner scooter tricks like the bunnyhop which is just a small jump similar to doing an Ollie on a skateboard.  Once you can Ollie you can start experimenting with turning the handlebars in midair or grinding on rails and curbs. It can be easy to master the basic beginner tricks on your own when you are riding your scooter but the more advanced tricks can take some time.  It might help to watch other people at the skate park that have more experience or even ask someone for tips.

You can get ideas for tricks by looking at what people are doing at parks or in videos online.  It always helps to watch pro scooter riders and see how they do things.  If you feel like you are getting the hang of freestyle scooter tricks then you can enter a competition which is also a great learning experience.  It can be humbling at first but you will make more progress when you start competing against people that work really hard and have mastered a lot of skills. Lookign to learn more, connect on Facebook with Pulse Scooters.

A Promotion for Safe Scooter Riding Reaches Out to Kids

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Safe Scooter RidingAs scooters grow in popularity for young children, there are also many unfortunate accidents and injuries that occur as a result of scooter riding.  In New Zealand, Safekids has made an effort to educate kids about wearing helmets and practicing safety skills while riding their scooters.  The safe2skoot program is a chance to let children know that they can still enjoy their scooters but must wear a helmet to prevent any serious injury.  It also teaches children important traffic rules that they may have ignored or not understood in the past.  A helmet is a scooter accessory that is now mandatory for these kids that are involved in the program.

It seems that because scooters are a relatively new toy for kids, there are not as many strict laws as there are for bike riding.  As people become more aware of the dangers associated with this activity it is important to make changes to help prevent any more accidents.  This program will be a great way to educate kids about the importance of wearing a helmet and being safe when they are around cars and pedestrians.  Even small kick scooters can be involved in bad accidents when kids are not following traffic rules and being safe.

Scooters as an Alternative to Skateboarding

Posted on: June 1st, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooters As An Alternative To SkateboardingThe popularity of small kick scooters or even electric scooters continues to grow for kids and adults alike.  The reason that these kinds of toys have become so commonplace now is that they offer a fun alternative to biking or skateboarding.  Scooters can actually be a little easier for very young children to learn on instead of a skateboard.  Holding the handle bar as they push along gives them a better sense of balance and they are less likely to fall while they are learning.  A skateboard is more challenging and difficult to turn for little kids.

Trying to learn to skateboard as an adult can also be a bit harder if you haven’t had much experience with it.  Riding a kick scooter is something you can pick more quickly if you are just looking for something to get from place to place that is small and portable.  Biking can be a hassle when it comes to having to leave your bike somewhere and lock it up but a small scooter can easily be taken with you anywhere.

People often argue that skateboards are better to use if you want to learn to do a lot of tricks.  Now there are a lot of kids out there taking their scooters out to parks and doing flips and many unique tricks that you can only do with a scooter.  There is no limit to what you can do with a scooter if you want to use it as transportation or you want to do impressive tricks. You can even get plenty of speed if you end up buying an electric scooter to get around the city.  As long as you find a good quality scooter and are more interested in it than skateboarding then you can enjoy it as an alternative. Connect on Facebook with Pulse Scooters.