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Using a Scooter for Freestyle Tricks

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Pulse Freeestyle Scooter
There are a lot of different ways to enjoy fun activities on a scooter and it can be used almost in the same way as a skateboard or bike.  The growing popularity of the freestyle scooter has led to people experimenting with new kinds of tricks and ways to ride it that are unique and impressive.  Young kids or teens are quickly getting very skilled at riding scooters and are taking it to a new level that equals that of skateboarding or BMX tricks.

The list of tricks continues to grow as people that take this sport seriously get creative and push the limits of their ability.  The best freestyle scooter riders can do tricks like flips and 360 spins or even typical skateboarding tricks like an Ollie.  There is no limit to what you can do with a scooter as long as you put in the time and hard work to get better.

If you are interested in learning some of the tricks that people do on these types of scooters then you should look for some tutorials online or maybe find someone to teach you.  It is important to stay safe even with a good performance scooter by wearing gear like helmets, elbow pads and knee pads.  When you are trying something new you are bound to fall again and again until you finally land it.

Protecting yourself from injury will make sure you can keep working on the tricks that you want to learn and be safe.  The best place to work on your scooter tricks is in a park that offers you a variety of different rails, ledges and ramps that you can use and you can trade tips with the other people in the park as well.  The more you experiment with new tricks, the more you will get out of your experiences with freestyle scooters. Pulse Performance Scooters On Facebook.

Segway Inventor Creates Self-Balancing Scooter

Posted on: May 19th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Self Balancing ScooterAnyone who loves new technology and new kinds of transportation will be interested to try the latest development from the creator of the Segway, the electric unicycle.    This is essentially a type of electric powered scooter that has, as the name indicates, only one wheel.  The ability to balance on this particular unicycle does not require any kind of skill or special knowledge.

The best electric scooter uses a gyroscopic sensor to adjust the balance of the vehicle based on the rider’s position.  The scooter will keep you perfectly balanced even with subtle movements and will take into account center-of-mass calculations.  You can easily turn and accelerate the vehicle by leaning in different directions and it is small enough to fit in the back of a smart car.

The only downfall of this unique new invention is that the cost is more than the average person can afford with prices starting at $2700 for an electric unicycle.  It seems like the sale of this type of vehicle would be limited to those who can afford it and are interested in a performance scooter that uses new kinds of technology.  In spite of the cost it seems useful as a portable electric form of transport.

Getting the Right Toys for Your Children

Posted on: May 18th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Right Toys For ChildrenGoing to the local toy store can be an exciting time for your kids but how do you help them find something that will be good for their mind and health and not just mindless entertainment?  Kids need to exercise their imagination and play with toys that have educational value like brain teasers and games but you also need to buy something that they won’t toss aside after only a few minutes.  It is also important to keep kids active and busy outdoors with things like bikes, tricycles or electric scooters so that they stay healthy.

When it comes to stimulating their imagination, children can enjoy toys that offer the chance to make believe like a tea party set or kitchen for girls.  Boys tend to gravitate towards trains and cars which can be imaginative play as well.  To be more active some kids will be happy with a simple bike but older kids might want the excitement of an electric scooter battery so they can go faster.   As long as they have safety gear like helmets they can get a lot out of playing with these kinds of toys.

As kids get older and have more experience with doing schoolwork they might be interested in some computer games that help them to improve important skills like math and reading.  They might also like science kits that give them ideas for experiments or musical toys that teach them how to play songs.  The more skills that kids are able to learn while they are playing the better for their growth and development.  Remember to have a balance throughout their toy collection of things that are educational like games, good for their health like toy scooters or skates, and maybe a few things that are just for fun and entertainment. Connect with Pulse Performan Scooters On Facebook.

Fun Ways for Kids to Get Active

Posted on: May 15th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Getting Kids ActiveAs your kids get older you might start to worry more about their health especially if they spend too much time watching TV or sitting in front of the computer.  Sometimes it can be hard to get older kids outside to spend time doing active things for their health but the key is to find something that will be fun and exciting for them.

Most kids love anything with wheels from bikes, roller skates, skateboards and freestyle scooters.  You can see if they are interested in riding any of these and find a good quality skateboard or the best electric scooter available so that they will stay involved and won’t get bored with it.  You can take them to a skating rink or just a nearby park to play with their toy anytime and it will be cheap and easy way to get them running around outside.  If they continue on they can learn easy scooter tricks or skating jumps for fun.  Make sure that your kids use important safety equipment like a helmet and knee pads so they do not get injured.

If you want to try something else to get your kids more active you can always have them test out a variety of different sports and see which one they take to.  Team sports can be a good way for children to socialize with their peers while getting healthy.  Soccer and softball can be fun and easy to learn even for very young children.  A shyer child that doesn’t want to play on a team can try individual sports like swimming or running in addition to their skateboard or new electric scooter.  Whatever you have your child try make sure that they are enjoying themselves and putting some energy into it on a regular basis. Keep up with Pulse Performance Product Scooters on Facebook.

Outdoor Activities for Families

Posted on: May 13th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Outdoor Activities For FamiliesIt is important for a family to spend time together and bond over a fun activity but sometimes as a parent you run out of ideas of what to do.   Too much time spent in front of the TV, computer or playing video games is not healthy for kids so it is up to you to get them involved in some new family activities that will keep everyone happy.  You can play outdoor games like kickball or dodge ball and if any of your kids are good at sports you can make separate teams and compete against each other.

If you don’t want to set up an organized game you can just do individual activities together like skating, freestyle scooters or biking on a trail.  A long ride on a kids scooter or bicycle can be good exercise while spending quality time together.  You can bike to the beach or the park and have more play time once you finally arrive.  You can pack some food and have a picnic outside or hang out on the playground with the kids.

Even though most people assume that hiking is more of an adult activity, there are plenty of easy hikes that are available for kids to enjoy too.  Look for a shorter trail without too much incline and you and your family can enjoy nature together and take in the view and the end of the trail.  A hiking trail with a waterfall or a river can be especially exciting for kids and adults alike.  Whether you play games, hop on a new scooter, or go on an easy hike your family will enjoy the time spent together and the chance to get out of the house and do something different.  Your family will feel closer after a long day outdoors in the sun. Connect with Pulse Performance Scooters on Google+.

New Energy Solutions with Solar Powered Electric Scooters

Posted on: May 11th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Solar Powered ScootersWhile solar panels are quickly becoming a popular solution to renewable energy in people’s homes they have also been developed for fun modes of transportation.  Engineers have developed electric scooters equipped with a solar panel on the riding platform making it an emission-free transportation alternative for adults.

These solar scooters are built to hold up to 350 lbs and can go 15 miles per hour in only a few seconds.  To charge this type of scooter battery all you need to do is park it in the sun for a few hours so that the solar panel can collect energy from the sunlight.

It is always beneficial to the environment to make new types of solar powered items that anyone can use.  The only thing that makes me wonder about these kinds of scooter products is how much they cost.  Solar panels can be a bit expensive and any normal scooter that you buy I believe would not necessarily contribute a lot to carbon emissions.  They could be a lot of fun to use though and it will be a good way for people to get involved in environmental causes like reducing their carbon footprint.

The History Of Scooters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on: May 8th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

The History Of Scooters


The History Of Scooters

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Some of the earliest models of kick scooters have inspired the new generation scooters you see today. Scooters took a dip in popularity for a while as other modes of self-transportation like the bicycle received more public demand. It wasn’t until Wim Ouboter saw a need for a kick scooter because his one of his sister’s leg was shorter than the other and she had trouble riding a bike. He took the original idea and created a much sturdier version. Today, scooters have been making their comeback with both kids and adults. You can see kids shredding it up at the skate park and adults whizzing through city traffic on their way to work on their scooters. Read more about the history of scooters and other fun facts!

Sales of Electric Scooters Begin to Grow in North America

Posted on: May 5th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Electric Scooter SaleWhile the statistics for electric scooter and motorcycle sales have been steadily increasing in China, they are beginning to show signs of popularity in North America as well.  A study predicts that the sale of e-scooters and e-motorcycles will increase tenfold by 2018.  Until now, China has accounted for 81 percent of the global electric scooter market but trends seem to indicate that they will grow in other regions as well.  As the electric performance scooter becomes easier to use and the technology is improved, there will be a dramatic increase in the market for this type of vehicle.

I think of it as a good sign that the sales of electric vehicles are increasing because this could lead to more awareness about the environment and can help to reduce our carbon footprint.  The less people rely on gas-powered motorcycles or scooters the better they can contribute to a healthier planet.  When more people realize how simple it can be to charge a scooter electric battery instead of buying gas they will understand why it is such a great solution to environmental problems.  Any kind of electric transportation instead of fossil fuels can make a difference for the earth in the future.