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Fun Ways To Get Your Kids To Exercise

Posted on: April 11th, 2014 by Pulse

Physical activity is an important part of total health for people of all ages. For children, especially, the benefits of regular exercise are innumerable. Physically active kids have been shown to perform better in school and have a lower chance of becoming overweight and suffering from a number of other serious health issues as they get older. Getting kids in the habit of being physically active at an early age sets them up for a lifetime of healthy choices and can even help improve their self esteem. Getting kids to exercise regularly may be much easier than it seems. Here are some fun ways to get your kids to exercise without having it seem like work!

Encourage Them To Play Outdoor Games

Any parent knows that kids naturally have a lot of energy and like to be social. Use some of this energy by encouraging them to play outside. Take them to the park and let them play on the playground, ride a bike or a scooter. If you are with a bigger group of kids, teach them a game that can be played as a group, such as capture the flag or freeze tag. The more time kids spend outdoors, the more likely they are to be naturally physically active and to develop ways in which to find physical activities for themselves to do.

Cultivate Their Love For Sports

Team sports are a wonderful way for kids to get used to physical activity as well as to learn wonderful life skills like working together with others and doing their best in order to help the team. If your child is interested in professional sports, nurture their interest by setting up a basketball hoop in the yard or playing catch with them. This can also be a great way for you to get some physical activity in yourself, and for you to rediscover the sports you loved as a child.

Help Them Put Together a Dance Performance

Kids who are not as interested in sports can still be physically active. Dancing and gymnastics are both wonderful forms of physical activity that have a number of great benefits, including strength and flexibility. Encourage your kids to put on dance recitals, and be an audience member or offer to help them find music and costumes. Tell them to make up a story that goes along with the dance they are putting together and help them build an area in the yard where they can perform.

Explore Their Love For Nature

Combine their curiosity for nature by going on nature walks together. Talk to them about the different plants and animals you see, and encourage them to point out any trees or wildlife that you encounter. Read up on the area before you embark on your walk, and get them to ask questions about where you are going and what types of plants and animals thrive naturally. Get them in the habit of taking note of their surroundings and compare the area you’re hiking in to other areas you have explored.

Cross Country Scooter Ride Raises Awareness For Homelessness

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by Pulse


Dan Emery and Miles Cheung, two men from Augusta, Maine are raising money and awareness for hunger in quite an adventurous and unusual fashion. Emery and Cheung are taking a trip across the continental United States on motor scooters as a means of exploring agricultural solutions for hunger and raising awareness for a problem that strikes millions of people every day.

A Long Trip With an Important Message  

The two scooter enthusiasts will spend 48 weeks on the open road. As they take their time exploring the diverse landscapes that the United States has to offer, the pair hopes to garner some media attention in each region, and thus raise awareness for a the cause that is so near to them.

Trip Will Focus on Solutions as Well as Awareness

As Cheung and Emery travel on their scooters, they will be doing more than just bringing attention to hunger: they will be exploring real practical solutions for delivering food to those in need. Many of these solutions are based around innovative and potentially highly effective programs, such as gardens within schools or shared gardens in urban settings. These highly sustainable modes of combating hunger will focus on education and helping to spread knowledge surrounding basic agricultural techniques in the form of gardening, agriculture, and edible landscape classes.

Scooter Visits Will Be Targeted Toward Relevant Areas

Stops on the trip will almost exclusively be centered around areas and organizations who play an integral role in the fight to end hunger. These locations and organizations will include food banks, Rotary Clubs, homeless shelters, and community based credit unions. Cheung and Emery hope that by partnering with like-minded organizations, they will be able to affect real and significant change at a grassroots level across the entire nation.

Many of the organizations they will be working with have long been active in the fight against hunger and may greatly benefit from some of the publicity and social media attention garnered by the two scooter riders as they make their epic journey from state to state.

The Importance of Ending Hunger

Ending hunger is a goal that Emery, Cheung, and a great number of other socially conscious individuals feel very passionate about for a number of reasons. Emery has noted that ending hunger is an integral part of addressing other issues, especially as they relate to children and students because of the fact that when a child is hungry they are essentially incapable of effectively studying or paying attention in school.

Failure to be engaged in academics is related to a number of serious challenges later in life, including a risk of dropping out and facing lower pay and even joblessness and homelessness. Many parents of hungry children may be at a loss as to finding ways to end the vicious cycle of poverty, and a renewable, maintainable, agriculturally based solution may provide a real and long term solution to the debilitating problem of hunger.

The duo seems poised to be part of a year that will certainly be both memorable and effective.

Combine Your Commute And Your Exercise Routine

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by Pulse


Most people are familiar with the benefits of regular exercise: it has been proven to help increase feelings of happiness and balance and regular exercise can play a huge role in helping to prevent serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. While most people understand the benefits of exercise, it can also be difficult to find the time to work out, once a full week of work and time with the kids is factored in. For this reason, many busy working individuals and students are finding a way to combine exercise and commuting by riding a bike or scooter to work.

Making The Commute Fun

One benefit that many bicycle and scooter commuters report is that their commute is much more fun than it was in a car or on a train. Riding first thing in the morning has a wonderful way of invigorating a person by getting their heart rate up and can help a commuter gain a much better sense of their community than they had while driving in a car. Frequent bicycle and scooter commuters reported being in much better spirits while on the job and tended to experience less fatigue throughout the day.

Never Having to Plan for Exercise

One great benefit of building exercise into one’s commute is that it helps eliminate the possibility of missed work outs because of busy schedules or unexpected plans. Commuting in a way that requires cardiovascular activity helps to make sure that a regular fitness schedule is completed and can lead to a much higher quality of life as well as a better level of healthfulness.

Exercising While Commuting And General Health

Often individuals who begin to exercise while commuting experience weight loss, as regular activity twice a day, five times a week, is, in and of itself, a wonderful way to raise one’s heart rate on a regular basis and to burn calories. Many people who ride to work find that they can maintain an ideal weight without budgeting in much time outside of their normal commute to and from work.

Saving Money While Enjoying the Benefits of Exercise

Riding to work is more than just a great way to stay fit – it’s a wonderful means by which one can save money in a variety of ways. Regular rides to work can take the place of costly gym memberships or exercise classes, and much money can be saved by eliminating fuel costs and mileage from time spent driving to work. Many workplaces also offer parking reimbursement or other types of incentives to employees who use modes of arriving to work other than a car.

Riding to work can truly change the way one’s entire work week goes, by helping boost energy levels and increase focus. It is also a wonderful way to appreciate a neighborhood that may otherwise have been taken for granted. No wonder more and more people are making the choice to change their lives and their experience in the workplace by riding to work.

How To FInd Scooter Friendly Parks

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by Pulse


For scooter enthusiasts, there are few things more enjoyable than finding the perfect park in which to spend a day riding and enjoying the sensation of being outdoors. Many cities are full of a number of different types of parks, from parks geared toward children to dog parks to skate parks, which often have ramps and other features that make them ideal for riding. Many of these types of parks allow scooter riding, but some do not. What, then, is the best way to find a park that is suitable for riding in?

Search Your City’s Skate Parks Online

Many skate parks allow for riders of all types to enjoy the ramps and other resources they provide. Begin with an online search for skate parks in your area. See if there is an overview written about the park that explains the park’s rules and whether any activities are prohibited. Also note whether there are any forums about the park, where users can comment about the park and see if any other scooter riders have commented about the park and whether they were able to ride there.

Visit a Park That Allows Cycling or Skateboarding

If you have been unable to find any information online about whether scooter riding is allowed at a certain site, seek out sites where cycling or skating is allowed. These parks will often have cement paths for riding on and may very well be ideal for scooter riding. Visit with your scooter and see if there are any other riders out on scooters. If you don’t see anyone, check and see if there is a park services employee working, who may be able to inform you as to whether scooter riding is allowed, and, if it is not, whether there are any parks nearby that are suitable for scooter riding.

Talk To Other Riders

The best resource available to you when it comes to gaining insight about the scooter riding community may very well be other scooter riders. If you notice other people in your town or neighborhood riding a scooter, stop them and ask where their favorite place to ride is. Even someone who is not on a scooter per se, such as a cyclist may be very familiar with local parks and roads and able to offer some tips on the best places to take your scooter for a spin.

Hit The Beach

If you’re looking to get out of town and want to find a scooter friendly destination, consider heading towards the ocean. Many beaches have pathways that are perfect for outdoor sports of all kinds, from bike riding to rollerblading to jogging. List a few beach towns you may have in mind and search online for information about whether other tourists have had a good experience riding there. You may also be able to get some great tips on where the best water adjacent paths are, and exactly what types of distances and trails you can look forward to covering on your scooter!

Freestyle Scooter Tricks That Win

Posted on: March 30th, 2014 by Pulse


Freestyle scootering is one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports to have emerged over the last several years. The sport of freestyle scootering is one that is enjoyed by riders of all ages: from young teens to grown adults, and is exhilarating to many because of the many fun and impressive tricks that can be performed while riding.

Here are some of the hottest and most winning scooter tricks taking the freestyle world by storm. It should be noted that these are tricks done by professional scooter riders and should not be attempted by riders who are not adequately prepared.

Double Back Flip

In a double back flip, a rider catches air, usually by riding off the lip of a large ramp or half pipe. While in the air, they engage in two full backwards three hundred and sixty degree turns before sticking a landing.

The double back flip is a very challenging trick for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that a rider must maintain perfect form and control of their scooter while airborne. It is also very important that enough speed and momentum is achieved so that both revolutions can be completed before the rider lands.

21 Stairs

Made popular by a widely published youtube video featuring a number of scooter riders, 21 stairs is a scooter trick that uses park terrain to its fullest. In it, a rider begins to gain momentum several yards away from a set of stairs and then lifts off at the top of the staircase.

While in the air, two turns are done while maintaining enough forward velocity to effectively clear the entire staircase. Finally, at the bottom of the staircase, the scooterer sticks his or her landing, or, at least, ideally they do.

Modified Ollie

Originally a skateboarding trick, and ollie describes a trick wherein a rider leaps off of a surface and becomes airborne with his or her board without the use of their hands. This trick can be somewhat modified in freestyle scootering where a rider uses part of their terrain to gain enough air to lift off completely and then remain airborne with using hands to stay on his or her scooter.

Safety is Always Important, No Matter What Level a Scooterer is At

When trying a new trick or practicing a tried and true go to, it is important for scooter riders of all levels to remember the importance of safety. Even the most experienced of riders take falls from time to time, and the high speeds that scooter rides occur at can lead to severe injuries if a rider is not wearing proper safety equipment.

All freestyle riders attempting tricks of any kind should wear helmets, wrist guards, and knee guards to help protect the head and vulnerable joints.

When Learning  New Tricks, Work Up to Challenging Tricks By Starting With Basic Moves

Many scooter tricks are quite challenging and difficult to master, which is why no freestyle rider has ever started by learning the most challenging trick possible. The best way to gain proficiency in learning tricks is to start with a foundation of mastering the basics. Before a rider can hope to learn back flips, they should make sure that they can successfully clear a ramp and stick the landing.

Skills like this can be practiced almost anywhere, and new riders should not be discouraged by taking spills. It takes time to master the art of almost any trick, and those who are successful continually work at it day in and day out until they have mastered the trick they set out to learn.

Scoot Fest 2014 Approaches!

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by Pulse


The weather is getting warmer, which means that summer is just around the corner, which is great news for many scooter enthusiasts. Not only are the warm months of summer the perfect time to spend some time outdoors riding, August brings about the biggest event in the sport of scootering:  Scootfest!

Scootfest 2014 Poised to Take the UK By Storm

Scootfest is the world’s largest scooter festival, and it is an international event that provides an arena for both watching and participating in some of the most fast paced, daring, and adventurous scootering events imaginable.

At Scootfest, fifty of the world’s best scooterers will show off their chops as scooter enthusiasts from all over the world travel in to take in all of the sites available to them. The festival will be held, for the second year in a row at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, located in the beautiful West Midlands of England.

A Festival For Both Top Notch Riders and Amateurs

Scootfest is a unique and exciting event for scooter enthusiasts at all levels because it offers something for everyone. A gathering of the fifty best riders from all over the world who have ranked at competitions such as Scoot Sport Great Britain, will compete for the ISA World Championship title in a number of exciting competitions that are incredibly exhilarating to watch.

Those who are less experienced, from total novices to scooterers who are still honing their craft will have ample opportunity to ride in plenty of different terrains as well, covering all of the main scootering set ups: parks, dirt, and pavement. There will be cash prizes for the top scooterers in each event. Last year’s cash prize for the top amataeur scooterer was $8,000 and many other riders received awards in the form of scooters and scooter related materials.

Entertainment An Important Part Of Scootfest

Embracing the scootering lifestyle means understanding the importance of community and having a good time with fellow riders and enthusiasts. As part of the Scootfest festivities, bands will play and provide live concerts for all those in attendance. Last year’s performers included dance music sensation Shy FX and dubstep duo Killsonik.

Both acts featured upbeat dance music that kept festival goers moving day in and day out. The upbeat sounds of Shy FX certainly proved to match the adrenaline infused tone of Scootfest in 2013, and though the musical act for 2014 has yet to be announced, it seems clear that the party will continue well into the night.

The Rapid Growth of Scootering as a Sport

The success of Scootfest and the strong enthusiasm that surrounds it are echoes of a larger, worldwide trend toward scooter riding. There are a number of reasons why scootering is currently one of the fastest growing sports around the entire globe. Scootering is a sport that can be enjoyed by athletes of all ages.

Younger riders may be quite adept at picking up scootering skills, and many civic planners have taken heed and begun to create spaces in cities where riders can practice tricks on scooters, or, in some cases, ride side by side with skate boarders. Scootering is a very accessible sport, as it requires little equipment.

Because scootering has recently emerged as an exciting freestyle extreme sport, it is a sport in which boundaries are constantly being pushed. New stars are continuing to emerge, and the types of tricks being performed are constantly becoming more and more awe inspiring. Festivals like Scootfest are an important part of this unique community and the ways in which it can continue to grow and evolve.

photo credit: Facebook

Toronto Council Votes To Allow Electric Scooters In Bike Lanes

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by Pulse


The city of Toronto will now have a few different types of bicycles in its bike lanes, which have long been a favored mode of transportation for a number of Toronto citizens. In a recent vote by the Toronto city council, it was decided that e-bikes, or motorized bicycles would be allowed to use bike lanes and prohibited from driving in the streets.

This marks a shift from previous policy, which mandated that drivers of electric bikes share the road with motorists, a guideline that many electric cyclists opposed.

Many E-Bike Riders Support the Decision

Many of Toronto’s e-bike and electric scooter riders were happy with the city council’s decision to allow e-bikes into the bike lane because they believe that said lanes are a more appropriate method of travel than traditional street lanes, where e-bikes were formerly in traffic with motorists operating full sized vehicles.

A 2013 study in Toronto found that half of all e-bikers living in the city believed that the bike lane was the best option for their riding needs. Some riders of traditional bikes disagree that the decision is wise, and contend that since e-bikes are larger, heavier, and faster than traditional bikes, they belong in the regular traffic lane.

Toronto Not the First CIty to Adopt This Policy

Toronto’s recent legislation to allow e-bikes into bike lanes is not revolutionary when it comes to civic legislation around the use of electric bikes in the bike lanes. The Canadian cities of Ottawa and Mississauga already have guidelines in place that allow for e-bike usage.

In general, legislation around cycling and its various forms is a fairly commonly discussed issue because of the fact that cycling and outdoor activities play such a large part in the Canadian lifestyle. Canada, which is often noted for its strong environmental record and beautiful natural terrain, boasts a number of citizens who take advantage of the Canadian outdoors by cycling or riding to work or school.

E-Bikes Growing in Popularity

Electric bikes seem to be growing in popularity in Canada as well as across the continental United States and Europe, as many environmentally and financially conscious consumers search for ways in which they can cut fuel costs while reducing their environmental impact.

This is certainly good news for many major cities, who could ostensibly see their pollution levels and traffic reduced as more and more commuters switch to modes of transportation other than cars.

A Need to Reimagine Transportation Plans

The recent Toronto decision may have done more than just change the way in which e-bikers commute. It may have also shed light on what could continue to be a very important issue for city governments everywhere. As more citizens shift to alternative modes of transportation, planning may have to be done to accommodate for different types of riders.

Some of the traditional cyclists in Toronto, for example, are opposed to the introduction of electric bikes into their riding space, but there remains to be an alternative solution presented that gives cyclists of all types the options they need. Some planners have begun to look into the implementation of dual bike lanes, which would allow for e-bikes and more fast moving cyclists in one lane, and traditional bikes in another. This would allow for all cyclists to ride free of auto traffic, but may not be feasible without major re planning of city roads.

For now, the city government in Toronto hopes that it has reached a decision that will help all cyclists continue to ride and that will encourage more commuters and recreational riders to view the city from behind handlebars.

Top Freestyle Scooter Riders

Posted on: March 1st, 2014 by Pulse


In the world of freestyle and extreme sports, it seems that new trends and ways to seek thrills and show off skills are constantly emerging. Often, these trends emerge when athletes find new and exciting ways to move about. This was certainly the case with the advent of professional skating, as well as surfing and BMX riding.

It seems that the latest sport to enjoy growing popularity and respect in the athletic community is freestyle scootering. Freestyle scootering is a rapidly expanding sport that riders are gaining interest in by the drones, possibly because of the fact that it is a very accessible sport that combines some of the best that sports like skating and BMX have to offer. Who, then, are the stars of this new and emerging sport?

Ryan Williams

After rising to fame as one of the star’s of the MTV show “Nitro Circus,” Williams has cemented his place as one of the most well known and respected riders in the sport. Known for his daring and inventive tricks. Williams, who often goes by the nickname “Mr. World’s First,” and “The Daredevil,” is a regular on the many national tours that the Nitro Circus embarks on.

In addition to featuring Williams and his incredible scootering skills, the Nitro Circus Tour features extreme athletes from all walks of life, taking part in jaw dropping and awe inspiring stunts like those never been seen before.

Mike Montgomery

A rider for Lucky Pro, Montgomery is known for his ability to perform incredible tricks on every day areas, such as staircases or railways, or other urban settings that may previously have been reserved for skateboarders. Montgomery’s style is flashy and constantly groundbreaking, and he combines the air time commonly found in big air BMX events with the impressive dexterity and agility of a pro skater.

Montgomery’s videos are among the most popular in the scootering community, and he remains one of the sport’s most highly respected athletes.

Dakota Schuetz

Like many of his scootering contemporaries, Dakota has risen to incredible scootering fame by releasing wildly popular scootering content online. Something of a youtube celebrity, Dakota has enjoyed a huge fan base because of the impressive skills that he brings to the sport of scooter riding.

Dakota tends to rank very highly in competitions, a fact that may very well be attributed to his excellent ability to work as a technical rider and to land even very challenging moves on a regular basis.

An Exciting Time For Freestyle Scootering

As the athletic field of freestyle scootering continues to grow in both depth and popularity, more and more breakout stars are continuing to emerge. The use of the internet has proved highly effective in allowing the work of some of the sport’s brightest athletes to shine.

The success of tours like the Nitro Circus Tour has shown that there is a huge audience and demand for exciting sports like freestyle scootering, and as the audience grows, so will the number of opportunities available to take in live scootering events across the country.

Freestyle Scootering And The X Games

One sign that the stars of freestyle scootering are headed towards even greater success is that the sport my very well be headed for the X Games soon. Many extreme sports enthusiasts have been clamoring to have scootering events included at the X Games, and for the past two years, scooter riders have had a significant presence there in demo areas.

Many of the stars of scootering are looking forward to a long and interesting career in the latest of the extreme and freestyle sports.

Outdoor Recreation Groups Helping People With Similar Interests Meet

Posted on: February 18th, 2014 by Pulse


There are means at our disposal to get out of the house and meet others with similar interests. If you are feeling isolated and depressed, ask yourself what it is you like to do and surely there is a way to find a group of people somewhere nearby with similar interests that want to meet up and socialize.

It is a great way to stave off the depression from isolation, which can actually lead to health problems in the future, as well as the obvious emotional and mental issues that can crop of up from being too drawn into yourself. Anxiety can come from such a situation, which in and of itself can also lead to health problems.

Meetup Groups On-Line

For those who enjoy being in the outdoors, there is a plethora of meetup groups that can be found on the internet. From hiking, biking, riding scooters, camping and so on, just type into any online search engine what exactly it is you are looking for and where you are from with the words “meet up” in the search criteria, and something should pop up that is local and available to you.

Chances are there are already several other people in the same situation as you are, or who attend these events and have been in the same situation as you have, and can help you get through the loneliness of isolation and help you to feel better about what you are doing.

Being Social and Outdoors Is Beneficial To Ones Health

There are noted health benefits from being in the outdoors, from emotional to mental to physical. Hiking in the outdoors improves someone’s physical health dramatically, especially if done on a consistent basis. It improves circulation in the body and the respiratory system from the exerted effort we experience while hiking.

Outdoor biking, especially with a group of people to help you along, has even more benefits than hiking and greatly improves physical health. It has been argued by certain physicians that biking may actually be one of the healthiest physical activities that someone can take a part in.

Being in the outdoors and away from the hectic bustling of city life, with the traffic and constant noises, has a dramatic calming effect on the mind and the emotional state. This is extremely beneficial in the face of the anxiety that is produced from living in dense populated areas.

The Effects of Depression, Anxiety and Isolation

Anxiety and depression from isolation have notable physical drawbacks and cause health problems. The health problems that could arise from the inactivity brought on by isolation and the resulting anxiety and depression are heart problems, muscle atrophy, hypertension from constant anxiety, depressed mood, lowered immune system (getting sick a lot) activity and lower cognitive function.

Fighting The Blues With Socializing and Activity

If you are experiencing any of these problems and feel that you are isolating too much, are depressed and down because of this, then the best remedy for such a situation is to reach out in your local community and try to find people with similar interests as yourself.

Being social will make you feel accountable to others and help you show up to events on a consistent basis. It will give a sense of accomplishment.

Set reasonable goals and expectations for yourself before starting out on such a venture. Do not expect to make immediate friends and feel dramatically better; instead, expect to make friends and start feeling better over time and repetitive activity. This the one of the best ways to get out of isolation and depression.

How To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

Posted on: February 15th, 2014 by Pulse


A common reason for people not exercising is that they simply do not have enough time in the day. Between waking up, making breakfast, commuting to work, working for 8 hours, commuting home, making dinner and relaxing after a long day, making time for exercise seems to me almost impossible.

It is not uncommon to have a large expectation as to what exercising effectively actually is. It would seem that true exercise would be going out for a run, going to the gym or the pool for hours at time; if a long exercise routine is not achieved then it is wasted time. This is a common misconception.

What is Effective Exercising?

While exercising, all aspects of the body are improved. The different systems in the body, such as the respiratory, lymphatic, circulatory and cognitive become linked more closely due to the demand on the body. Endorphins are released into the brain during exercise, causing a feeling of well-being. To achieve this, one does not have to exercise that much in order to start to see benefits.

It takes roughly 21 days to develop a routine, or in another word, a habit., good or bad.

It is advised that in order to determine if the exercise one is doing is effective or not is if you are breaking a sweat and breathing more heavily. Check your pulse to see if your heart rate has risen or not.

Exercise Minimum

The minimum amount of exercise one should aim for on a daily basis is half an hour. Once more: this is the minimum. An hour a day is advised for someone who is trying to start getting into an exercise routine.

If someone asked a dozen different physicians what the best type of exercise would be, a dozen different responses could realistically be expected. The most common type of exercises that one can do are biking, running, swimming, speed walking or hiking.

What Stops People From Exercising

A common deterrent to exercising is money. Gym memberships can be expensive and some people simply cannot afford it. But this should not deter someone. To go for a run, walk, ride a scooter, or go on a hike, all one would need is a good pair of running shoes or hiking boots.

The initial expense of this may seem daunting at first, but it is a one-time expense that would afford a lot of activity; the shoes would pay for themselves after, say, two weeks of daily running.

Scheduling Exercise

As for working said exercise into your daily schedule, there tends to be more time in the day than one would think. The common work day starts at 9AM and goes until 5PM. Instead of waking up at 7AM to get everything ready and head off to work, wake up instead one hour earlier and go for a 45 minute run around the neighborhood, or even a bike ride.

If this is not feasible, there is always time after the work day to work out. All it takes, initially, is one hour. Once one finds the time and gets used to the new schedule (remember, roughly after 21 days, or three weeks) then the plausibility of more exercise becomes possible. All it takes is dedication and discipline, and one will start to see that there is time to work out and the benefits therein are obvious.